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WOLFVONLANGA: Go for innovation not marketing

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WOLFVONLANGA: An important fact is slowly but surely becoming known: itís not the speaker cone that creates the sound of music, but the drive. This is not only affirmed by every single listener and modern simulation programs, but also by plain common sense. Just like power is generated in the motor, not the wheels. The translation from electric power to kinetic energy happens in the motor as well, and this is, why we have crafted a great idea. The car industry and even the racing sport Formula E follows suit, but weíve been producing electric loudspeaker motors for over 10 years now. Explorers, curious listeners and music lovers have potentially already heard of us. You should be one of them. You too can listen with WOLFVONLANGA loudspeakers. Which slogan was once used by a big German car manufacturer? "Vorsprung durch Technik". Thatís true Ö

Required accessories

WOLFVONLANGA speakers use a field coil instead of a permanent magnet, which generates the magnetic field in the voice coil's air gap.

This requires a DC power source which fires one or more WOLFVONLANGAfield coil drivers (speakers).

This DC source can be obtained separately (elsewhere). All you need is a Hirschmann ST2, female connector for the constant current to the loudspeaker. On request (please specify) we can supply this free of charge.

We can also deliver assembled cables (you specify the length and the desired quality)


If you want to use a ready-made power source from WOLFVONLANGA, we offer the following device, which supplies the power for exactly 2 speakers.

WOLFVONLANGA Power Management

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The original WOLFVONLANGA Power Management controls exactly two field coil drivers (WOLFVONLANGA speakers), which must both be connected, since the control is intended to be done in series.

Price of the WVL Power Management
Item no. WVL-Power-Management EUR 4091,00 hors TVA: € 3437.82 / $ 3987.87

WOLFVONLANGA Field Coil Current Source Power Management module


If you want to use the heart of power management, the "Field Coil Current Source Power Management module" (the PCB with heat sink) can also be purchased separately. The module is suitable for constant currents between 1.4 and 4A and can drive either one or two loudspeakers (which are connected in series).

The Field Coil Current Source Power Management module is a constant current source that generates direct current from alternating current.

To use the loudspeaker you still need a standard transformer, which transforms the required low AC voltage of 230V down.

Price of the Field Coil Current Source Power Management module, 1.4 ... 4.0 ADC
Item no. WVL-FCCS EUR 433,00 hors TVA: € 363.87 / $ 422.08