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Enlarge high-end sound and design

EVINCE is the successful fusion of form and function. The slender contours of the beautifully designed loudspeakers evoke a light-weight sensation, melding seamlessly with modern furnishing concepts. Its stunning appearance makes it a natural focal point in contemporary living spaces. The housing made from Scandinavian birch-multiplex features an attractive stoney titan-white finish. Behind the unique exterior lie the full-range speakers designed with ingenious technical finesse. EVINCE s transmission-line is unfolded*, and unwanted frequencies are eliminated by the directional changes of the five segments. The result: an accentuated bass and astonishing room-filling sound. high-end in sound und design high-end sound and design

*patent pending

Enlarge Outstanding technical characteristics:
  • Perfect impulse response
  • Coherent sound radiation
  • Well-balanced mid and high frequencies
  • Deep, accurate and uniform bass
  • Patented transmission line waveguide for exceedingly neutral music reproduction
  • Innovative cabinet construction (comprised of mineral board and plywood) is stiffer and less prone to vibration than standard MDF
  • The walls of the cabinet enclosure have been designed to dissipate sound distorting energy

Data sheet:

  • Principle: Full-range driver in a transmission line enclosure
  • Amplifier: Recommended power output 60W-120W
  • Impedance: 4-8 Ohm
  • Sensitivity: 90 db/ 5 W/ 2m listening distance
  • Dimensions: 220 x 944 x 873 mm w/h/d
  • Weight: 25.5 kg (55.9 lbs)
  • Terminals: Single-wiring, WBT Nextgen(TM) terminals
  • Finish: Titanium White GetaCore mineral-composite - other finishes and colours are available upon request
  • Spikes: Black RDS-cones or metallic finish V2A-cones


Technical background:
  • Loudspeaker: By using a single transducer in each cabinet, coupled to a transmission line waveguide, the Evince delivers both high and low sounds simultaneously. The advantage of this approach is that the reproduction of low-frequency bass is phase-correct, and no frequencies are lost or obscured (a problem which can happen when multiple drivers are used to cover the frequency band).
  • It should be noted that transducers take around two weeks of use to break-in, before they can be measured.
  • Cabinet: The Evince employs a highly rigid cabinet strengthened by a mineral composite. This rigidity allows the cabinet itself to be designed thinner than normal. In addition, a core made of Scandinavian birch-plywood is used to dampen even subtle resonances. This innovative sandwich construction effectively suppresses all vibration.
  • This extremely stiff composite material also provides the driver with an ideal coupling to the cabinet. This is one reason why the Evince achieve such a perfect impulse response.
  • Measurement: To ensure a perfect balance between the mid and high frequencies, great care is taken to measure and tailor the sonic dispersion characteristic of the Evince speaker outside the directional axis. This tonal measurement technique, employed by TSAE ensures an accurate listening experience.
  • Filter: All filter-components are subjected to repeated listening tests before they are selected.
  • Connection: Attention to detail is paramount. To suppress microphonics, TSAE engineers mounted the WBT Nextgen binding posts on a specially designed and damped eddy-current free acrylic bracket.
  • For similar reasons, all the internal cabling is made of solid-core wires made from high-purity copper (6N).

You can tell just how damped the chassis is by tapping the cabinet itself. The speaker is grounded to the floor via spikes made by RDS.

Price per pair   (Order No ts-evince) EUR 12189,00 excl. VAT: € 10242.86 / $ 11472.00


Enlarge The sound of understatement

Often in life it s an understated remark which has the greatest impact. When there s no need to be obvious or to shout for attention, it s an understatement which can cut to the quick with refinement and sophistication. And so it is with our new bookshelf loudspeaker, the ELATION. Designed to blend effortlessly with modern furnishings, yet certain to become a natural focal point in any contemporary living space, the ELATION is all about understated design and absolute clarity.

The cabinet is made from Scandinavian Birch plywood and a rigid composite which combine to give a unique stonelike finish that looks stunning in Titanium White. A single full-range driver outputs powerful, accurate bass.

The ELATION delivers balanced, room-filling sound, free of distortion and interference. So does this speaker sound good? Sure it does. Of course, that s an understatement.

Enlarge Data sheet:
  • Principle: Fullrange driver in a closed box
  • Power: 70 Watt program
  • Amplifier: Recommended power output 50 W - 120 W
  • Impedance: 4-8 Ohm
  • Sensitivity: 90 db / 5 W / 2 m listening distance
  • Frequency range: 48 Hz ...>20 kHz
  • Dimensions: 7,2"/15,3"/9,8"(18,4/38,8/24,8 cm) w/h/d
  • Weight: 15,6 lbs (7,1 kg)
  • Terminal: Single-Wiring, WBT-nextgenTM Terminals
  • Finish: Finish Titanium White GetaCore® mineral-composite - other options, finishes and colours are available upon request


Enlarge Price per pair   (Order No ts-elation) EUR 4599,00 excl. VAT: € 3864.71 / $ 4328.47