AJ Horn

AJHorn is an unique program for horn loudspeakers, transmission lines and special cases of this type, in which a quick and easy input of the parameters is paramount. The types that can be simulated are for example:

  • Frontloaded Horns
  • Frontloaded Hörner with bass reflex rear chamber
  • Rearloaded Horns
  • Rearloaded Horns with internal driver
  • Classic Transmissionlines
  • Transmissionlines with front chamber
  • Transmissionlines with absorber chamber (Helmholtz absorber)
  • Transmissionlines with two drivers
  • Driver position along the Horn- or Transmissionline free eligible
  • Bassreflex
  • Bandpass-Horns
  • Bandpass-Transmissionlines
  • Bandpass with vented rear chamber
  • Passive multiway systems
  • Mid- and high frequency horns
  • 7 contoures eligible, e.g. conical, exponential or Traktrix

The various output-parameters of the simulations are:

  • Sound pressure frequency response in dB in any distance (dependent of position)
  • Frequency response of the electric impedance in ohms
  • Frequency response of the cone excursion of both drivers
  • Frequency response of the linear maximum sound pressure in dB
  • Frequency response of the necessary electrical power for the linear maximum sound pressure
  • Frequency response of the unified acoustic radiation impedance on the horn throat
  • Radius of opening function in cm (plot)
  • Area, height and radius of the opening function (ASCII-numbers)

The predictions of the model has been confirmed through accurate testing. The program runs with WINDOWS version 95/NT or later.

Price per license   (Order No aj-aj-horn-7-voll) EUR 112,00 excl. VAT: € 94.12 / $ 100.71

Update V6 to V7 (serial number needed)   (Order No aj-aj-horn-7-update) EUR 49,20 excl. VAT: € 41.34 / $ 44.24

The software will be delivered by the producer of the program. We will transfer your address and name to the developer company:

AJ-Systems Armin Jost Nibelungenstr. 748 D-64686 Lautertal www.aj-systems.de

Email: info@aj-systems.de