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Examples of home cinema speaker placement, using Alcone and other brands

In all diagrams throughout this page "F"demotes front speaker, "C"denotes centre speaker and "R"denotes rear and "S" stands for subwoofer.

As a rule the three front speakers should be of high quality while the rear speakers are not as critical. This rule is reflected in our suggested combinations.

The classic 5.1 placement in rooms from 10 to 25 m2

Heimkino The following kit is already available at less than 400 EUR, consisting of 5 Tangband full range drivers and an active subwoofer:
Front (F) Centre (C) Rear (R) Subwoofer (S)
CT 209 CT 209 CT 209 CT 198

If you find it important that tones have the correct volume then the full range drivers should be replaced by multiple driver speakers. Those are better balanced:

Front (F) Centre (C) Rear (R) Subwoofer (S)
Lagrange XT Lagrange XT Mini CT 198

Three Mini's would also suitable for the front, under the condition that the centre is not close to the TV. Due to the strong magnetic field of the Mini colour distortion is to be expected.

...and at the rear the CT 209 could be used, since there tonality is not as critical.

As subwoofer a more powerful Sub 10 ASW or an extremely potent Alcone Sub 20 Definition could be used.

The classic 5.1 placement in rooms from 15 to 50 m2

Heimkino This solution could also be used in smaller rooms if you prefer a higher sound pressure level.
Solution Front (F) Centre (C) Rear (R) Subwoofer (S)
1 Dirac XT Dirac XT Dirac XT Alcone Sub 20 Definition

Solution 1 features a Dirac XT, a speaker that is also suited for classical music and jazz. If a dynamic speaker for home cinema is sufficient for you then a standard Dirac (solution 2) is more than adequate and a touch more lively.

The listed subwoofer could also be exchanged for a slightly bigger Alcone Sub 40 Definition or for a Visaton TL Sub 30 if extreme bass is required.

The 5.1 placement with dipolar speakers

Heimkino Some of our customers, especially those who only listen to home cinema and not hi-fi prefer a diffuse rear sound. This can be achieved by angling the rear speakers towards the side walls, or by using dipolar speakers. The purpose of the dipole is to radiate the high frequencies in the opposite direction and in inverse phase.

Dipolar speakers should be used when the listener is close to the speaker, if it's less than 1 metre it becomes mandatory.

Or a substitute for a dipolar speaker

Heimkino Should dipolar speakers be too expensive for you or you listen also to hi-fi the we suggest to use conventional, direct radiating speakers, the should be angled towards the side wall.

The advantage is that is difficult to attach an angled speaker to the wall. Otherwise, a angled speaker (picture left) produces similar results compared to a dipole, since the direct radiation is reflected several times until it reaches the ear, resulting in a diffuse sound character.

The advantage is that the user can play around with the speaker placement until the required result is achieved.

6.1 Systems

Heimkino 6.1 systems have an additional rear centre speaker for stabilising the rear sound. This speaker doesn't need to be magnetically shielded.

The three rear speakers don't have to be of the same high quality as the front speakers. This is reflected in our following suggestions:

Front (F) Centre
Front (C)
Rear (R)
Rear (C)
Subwoofer (S)
Dirac XT Dirac XT CT 218 CT 218 Alcone Sub 20 Definition

The single subwoofer could definitely be replaced by two units (front left and right). Two Wavesub 178 or two Wavecor Don are worthwhile contenders.

7.1 Systems

Heimkino In a 7.1 system the sound sources surround the listener completely. It's up to you to use rear dipoles (close proximity to the listener and little listening to hi-fi) or direct radiating speakers. The ideal height for rear speakers is between 1.5 and 2 metres.
Front (F) Centre
Front (C)
Rear (R)
Subwoofer (S)
Dirac XT Dirac XT CT 218 Alcone Sub 20 Definition

The single subwoofer could definitely be replaced by two units (front left and right). Two Wavesub 178 or two Wavecor Don are worthwhile contenders.

High-end 7.1 Systems

Heimkino If you require a top notch system then speakers with high coloration like full range drivers are out of the question. But point source speakers should still be used.

Very popular in this regard are the Cumulus and the Thiel One-Point Monitor. A system of this quality should have two symmetrically placed subwoofers at the front.

Solution Front (F) Centre
Front (C)
Rear (R)
Subwoofer (S)
1 Avisio Avisio Avisio Alcone Sub 40 Definition

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