Aspera MK2, Floorstanding   as in K+T 5/2010

Aspera MK2: a slim floorstanding speaker  
Technical data
- impedance: 4 Ohm
- sensivity (2,83V/1m): 85 dB
- size (HxWxD): 980 x 170 x 250 mm
- frequency range (-8dB): 33 - 25000 Hz
- crossover frequency(s): Hz
- speaker type: bass reflex

A slim loudspeaker with outstanding sound qualities: Monacor achieved this goal with the Aspera MK2.

Two Monacor SPH-130 midrange/woofers are mounted around a Monacor DT-250 dome tweeter. This design is called d'Appolito configuration.

The crossover is a 12 dB/octave type, separating the high frequencies a little steeper and the low frequencies somewhat flatter.

Since the cabinet consists of rectangular boards it's relatively easy to build. To achieve low bass with two 13 cm woofers a bass reflex design was chosen.

An excerpt from the Klang+Ton review

"Oh! That sounds considerably bigger and more in control than you would expect from the physical size of the speaker and, above all, the sound is grown-up. It's easily noticeable that quite some time was spent on developing this speaker . The sound is well balanced and blessed with a beautiful bass foundation. As a result wood instruments are reproduced with a wonderful natural sound. Whether it's a wooden flute, a xylophone or an acoustic guitar, the overall natural character remains intact. Additionally, many details of the instruments are reproduced, like for example the intonating blow sound of a flute, picking noise from a Western or folk guitar or fine details from percussion instruments. Vocals are quite direct and don't show unnatural sibilants, tying the tweeter to the midrange driver definitely succeeded. Moreover, the DT 250 resolves the finest details, reproduction of cymbals is a pleasure.

Bass reproduction is very quick and structured without being too dry, there is always enough body. Also, the bass extends really low. Despite great attention to detail and producing a well balanced sound this loudspeaker preserves a very dynamic style. The following phrase comes to mind: subdued fury. The agility is not intruding and makes the music come alive, one of major reasons for light weight diaphragms and radiator systems with low mechanical loss. The deep and accurate three-dimensionality and low bass reproduction allows the enjoyment of classical music. The Aspera filled our large listening room effortlessly with music and even at relatively high volumes still sounded pleasant and relaxed. "

Our kit consists of

  • Monacor 25mm dome tweeter DT-250
  • 2 pcs Monacor SPH-130 mid-woofers
  • Bass reflex tube MBR-70
  • 2 pcs Polyester damping material, 125 g for 20L volume
  • Terminal T93/79 MS/AU, gold plated
  • 3m Speaker cable 2x1.5 mm2, transparent
  • Allen wood screws IS 4x16mm, black (MZF-8614), 20 pcs
  • Plan for DIY kit

the crossover components (right),
to be mounted on a small wooden board.

  • electrolytic capacitor, unetched, 15uF / 70 Vdc
  • MKP capacitor 4.7uF / 400 V
  • MKP capacitor 2.7 μF / 400V
  • MKP capacitor 6.8 μF / 400V
  • 0.7 mm air core coil, 0.39 mH/0.49 Ohm
  • 1,4 mm air core coil, 1.5 mH/0.36 Ohm
  • MOX10 resistor 4.7 Ohm/10Watt (yellow-purple-gold)
  • MOX10 resistor 5.6 Ohm/10Watt (green-blue-gold)
  • MOX10 resistor 6.8 Ohm/10Watt (blue-grey-gold)

Please note: our kit contains superior MKP capacitors instead of MKT. The standard kit comprises polyester wool instead of Monacor MDM2 damping material.

Kit without cabinet, price per speaker - not available


Kit with high-end crossover

In our high-end version Mundorf MCAP capacitors are used in the signal path to the tweeter. In the signal path to the woofer baked varnish air coil is used; in parallel to the woofer MKP foil capacitors are delivered. The damping of the box is done with Mundorf MDM-2.

  • MKP capacitor 4.7 μF / 400V
  • MKP capacitor 15 μF / 400V
  • Mundorf MKP capacitor 2.7 μF / 400 V
  • Mundorf MKP capacitor 6.8 μF / 400 V
  • 0.7 mm air core coil, 0.39 mH/0.49 Ohm
  • Mundorf baked varnish air core coil BL140, 1.5 mH/0.38 Ohm
  • MOX10 resistor 4.7 Ohm/10Watt (yellow-purple-gold)
  • MOX10 resistor 5.6 Ohm/10Watt (green-blue-gold)
  • MOX10 resistor 6.8 Ohm/10Watt (blue-grey-gold)

Kit with high-end crossover without cabinet, price per speaker - not available

If you prefer to mount the crossover components on a 159 x 127 mm universal PCB instead on wood:
Universal PCB RA160, order no.. str-RA160, price per unit: EUR 5,90 excl. VAT: € 4.96 / $ 5.35
We recommend one board per kit (2 boards for a speaker pair)

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