By Audio Circle in Plaidt, Germany: two dipoles       as in Klang+Ton 2/2007

Audio Dipol aus Klang+Ton 2/2007
Technical data of full range drivers:
- impedance: 8 Ohm
- rated SPL: 86 dB (at 2.83V, 1m)
- frequency range (-8dB): 230-20 000 Hz
- size (HxWxD): 33.8 x 31.0 x 15.4 cm
- cabinet type: dipole
Audio Dipol aus Klang+Ton 2/2007

Technical data of the subwoofer:
- impedance: 12 Ohm
- rated SPL: n/a, since active
- frequency range (-8dB): 22-200 Hz
- size (HxWxD): 93.8 x 31.0 x 32.4 cm
- cabinet type: dipole

Richard Lohnert from Audio Circle in 56637 Plaidt / Germany designed this kit consisting of two dipoles: a full range dipole and a subwoofer dipole equipped with three drivers.

Richard Lohnert used Visaton drivers throughout for his design, they are well suited for dipoles. The full range is a Visaton B200, the subwoofer comes with three 4 Ohm WS 25E that are connected in series.

The less deep full range (pictured right) is going to be placed on top of the subwoofer (pictured left), making sure that the higher frequencies are at ear level.

Review in K+T 2/2007:
"Positioned correctly these dipoles really get going. The B200 produces an expressive and dynamic sound with authority and amazing three-dimensionality, exactly like we expected the performance to be. For some the low end might be a bit exaggerated, but we thought the sound was rather warm and pleasant, and - as mentioned already - the high pass filter can easily be adjusted. The dipole subwoofer was impressive, and when positioned and adjusted correctly produced a sound like no other cabinet type. Even the lowest bass is tight and dry and passed on without any sluggishness, displaying the "fast" bass that makes a dipole sound so attractive. Surely, the sound doesn't reach the ear quicker then with a standard cabinet subwoofers. But, especially compared to bass reflex cabinets, the dipole shows an incredibly fast excursion. This results in giving the bass more space and contour, making it easier for the ear to absorb the musical information. In conjunction with the B200 this subwoofer provides even more depth and power, sweeping away all reservations regarding the reasonably priced drivers. While some might be worried about the power handling, we, on the other hand, liked the dynamics and musicality at any time."

Our kit consists of:

For the full range with crossover kit For the subwoofer
  • Visaton B200
  • nap foam
  • 1/2 Pack Polyester Dämmstoff
  • 6 x PAN screws 4x20
  • 0.5 m cable 2 x 2.5 mm2
  • a terminal with gold
    plated brass binding posts
  • description / building instruction
  • the crossover components:
  • one PCB 220x155 mm
  • 1.2 mH air core coil / 1 mm
  • 5.6 mH core coil / 1 mm
  • 0.68 μF Mundorf MCAP
  • 47 μF Mundorf MCAP / 400 V
  • 4 x 560 μF ELCO etched *)
  • 12 Ohm resistor, 10 Watt
    • 3x WS 25E into 4 Ohm
    • sealing tape
    • 12 x PAN screws 4x20
    • 2 1/2 packs polyester fleece
    • 2 m cable 2 x 2.5 mm2
    • a terminal with gold
      plated brass binding posts
    • description / building instruction
    *) There was a printing error in Klang+Ton; the ELCO's should be etched instead of non etched
    . We supply 4 x 560 μF to be connected in parallel.
    Depending on room conditions only three are needed.

    Klang+Ton components (instructions included):

    According to Klang+Ton two full range (left and right) are needed, plus two subwoofers beneath and two subwoofer amplifiers.

    the full range driver kit (without cabinet): Order No. str-aud-bb,
    Price per speaker (without cabinet)   EUR 280,00 excl. VAT: € 235.29 / $ 280.00

    the subwoofer kit (without cabinet): Order No. str-aud-sub,
    Price per speaker (without cabinet)   - not available

    or with 3 x 8 Ohm drivers (instead of 4 Ohm), totalling 3.66 Ohm when connected in parallel (instead of 3*4 Ohm = 12 Ohm):
    the subwoofer kit: order No. str-aud-sub8,
    Price per speaker (without cabinet)   EUR 143,00 excl. VAT: € 120.17 / $ 143.00

    you still need one subwoofer amplifier per subwoofer (two for stereo)
    we recommend Hypex Fusion FA 251 EUR 309,00 excl. VAT: € 259.66 / $ 309.00

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