Visaton Fontana AL

This 2 way bass reflex floorstanding Fontana AL is a Visaton kit with an attractive - slightly different design. The Fontana AL is suitable as an omnidirectional speaker, e.g. in case there is no specific listening position or in a home cinema system as full range fill-in, to be placed exactly left and right of the listener or behind, approx. 0.5 to 1 metre away from the side wall. Visaton Fonatana

Technical data:

The Fontana AL was described in Klang+Ton 1/98 as follows:
"Verdict: Visaton's Fontana displays a first-class three-dimensionality that almost doesn't change when the listener is moving around. In conjunction with its balanced tuning and just a hint of loudness, this loudspeaker is suited for sophisticated background music but just as well for concentrated listening."

The Visaton Fontana kit contains:

  • 1 x DT 94, 8 Ohm tweeter
  • 1 x AL 170, 8 Ohm bass driver
  • 1 x BR 15.34 bass reflex tube
  • 1 x terminal
  • 2 x bags damping material
  • 1 x Fontana crossover, assembled
  • 11 x assorted screws
  • fixing set
  • description and building instruction

Order No. V-5974, Price per pair (without cabinet) EUR 1018,50 excl. VAT: € 855.88 / $ 924.35
The brass tubes are available from most hardware stores.

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