Bifrost a shelf speaker with Seas Excel drivers as in Klang+Ton 4/2008

Bifrost aus Klang+Ton 4/2008
Technical data
- size (HxWxD): 49.6 x 20 x 29.8 cm
- impedance: 8 Ohm
- sensitivity: 83 dB (2.83V/1m)
- frequency range (-8dB): 33 - >22k Hz
- crossover frequency: 2200 Hz
- speaker type: bass reflex
Bifrost is a Seas kit comprising the following Seas Excel drivers:
the T29 CF002 tweeter and
the W18 NX001 bass driver.

With a height of 50 cm the Bifrost is an exceptionally high bass reflex speaker.

The name "Bifrost" originates from the Nordic mythology (a bridge linking the empire of the Gods with that of men).

The cabinet can be built either from wood or stone. Those of you who wish to have a cabinet made of stone can purchase this from Valeria Audio (phone: +49 - 2272 - 90 49 00).

The crossover consists of a 3rd order filter for the bass driver. The bass driver shows a slight exaggeration at 4 kHz. This exaggeration is eliminated by a steep crossover cut-off. A different solution would be to use a bandpass filter to suppress the resonance. The tweeter is cut-off with 2nd order filter.

Excerpt of the review in Klang+Ton 4/2008 (with stone cabinet):
... "The performance was amazing and impressive. It's the combination of excellent drivers, the neatly designed crossover and the unrivalled, solid cabinet that produced the immensely tight and balanced, but equally dynamic and punchy sound. Short picking noises, snare drums and percussion reminded me of horn speakers. There is, however, no colouration - only a touch of presence. The miracle extends to the bass section. The bass is rather subliminal, but shows a might and superiority for a 17 inch that's difficult to equal. Certainly, the stone cabinet seems to have the finger in the pie. I am trying to visualise how the cabinet is holding the basket firmly in place, totally unimpressed by the driver's movement, while the large voice coil supported by powerful magnet a kicks the cone in the butt with such a vengeance that the membrane doesn't have a choice but to move the air in front. The tweeter, designed already with a punchy performance in mind, also likes the stone-dead cabinet and concentrates undisturbed on the filigree of high frequencies. The staging of these speakers in our listening room is incredible. Regarding dynamics there are not only a match for the Bifrost, they clearly outstrip them and reproduce at the same time considerably more details." ...

Our kit contains per speaker

- Seas Excel T29 CF 002 tweeter
- Seas Excel W18 NX 001 bass driver
- IT Jetline tube 60
- 2 x Bitumex adhesive boards, 2 mm
- 2 metre cable 2x1.5 mm2
- 1 bag polyester fleece
- 2 binding posts 30 mm, brass, gold plated
- 12 Pan screws 3.5x17, black
- PCB LP05 with spacer
  for mounting the crossover components on the right
- the building instruction
the crossover components:
- 2.7 mH ferrite core coil; R<=0.34 Ohm
- 1.0 mH ferrite core coil; R<=0,22 Ohm
- 0.39 mH air core coil with 1.4 mm wire
- 10 μF MKP capacitor / 400V
- 3.9 μF MKP capacitor / 400V
- 6.8 Ohm MOX10 (blue-grey-gold)
- 10 Ohm MOX10 (brown-black-black)

Price for Bifrost kit without cabinet per speaker: EUR 797,00 excl. VAT: € 669.75 / $ 716.63

Please note: This kit is equipped - according to Klang+Ton - with Intertechnik PK14/58MS/NI binding posts which we supply as well. The surcharge is 12 EUR per speaker. The following kit with high-end crossover also contains the PK14/58MS/NI binding posts.

Bifrost with high-end crossover and high-end binding posts

Upon request the Bifrost is available with the following, high-end components.

Since core coils produce non-linear distortion, generating additional harmonics not contained in the original music, we supply our high-end crossover with coreless coils, i.e. air core coils. As coils for the signal path we chose cfc coils, for the tweeter we took a baked varnish coil.

The capacitors in the signal path are lowest-loss Mundorf MCAP Supreme, otherwise Mundorf MKP capacitors with 400V.

Our high-end crossover components:

- 2.7 mH cfc12 foil coil, R=0.31 Ohm
- 1.0 mH baked varnish coil / 1.4 mm
- 0.39 mH cfc14 foil coil, R=0.14 Ohm
- 10 μF Mundorf audiophile MKP capacitor / 400V
- 3.9 μF Mundorf MCAP Supreme capacitor
- 6.8 Ohm MOX10 (blue-grey-gold)
- 10 Ohm MOX10 (brown-black-black)

Price for kit with high-end crossover without cabinet per speaker: EUR 1032,00 excl. VAT: € 867.23 / $ 927.93

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