Bijou a Visaton Shelf Speaker published in Klang+Ton 3/2008

Bijou aus Klang+Ton 3/2008
Technical data
- size (HxWxD): 33 x 20 x 23 cm
- impedance: 6 Ohm
- sensitivity: 83 dB (2.83V/1m)
- frequency range (-8dB): 41 - >20k Hz
- crossover frequency: around 2kHz
- speaker type: bass reflex
Bijou (French for gem) is an appropriate name for this speaker. It's a small shelf speaker with Visaton AL 130 and the ceramic dome KE 25 SC.

Review in Klang+Ton 3/2008:
... "The slight rise in the frequency response we noticed in the lab results are definitely not audible as a sharp and bright sound - the reproduction is rather extremely clean and full of details without any strain and compression. This impression of airiness is also the result of an immense three-dimensionality, especially live recording are astonishingly realistic. No merging of fine details, every musician is clearly locatable - the recording location is clearly defined. This gripping live impression is impressively supported by the respectable dynamic abilities of this small speaker - the Bijou is quite capable of producing real bass, even at higher volumes. Alright, rock concert close to the original volume are out of the question, but everything below is done with ease. If we look at speakers of a similar size that were published in Klang+Ton lately, only the three Mini Monitors in issue 06/2007 performed at a similar level. In her element - the reproduction of natural instruments faithfully captured in live atmosphere - there is hardly another speaker that can outstrip the Bijou."

Our kit contains per speaker

- Visaton KE 25 SC ceramic dome
- Visaton AL 130 bass driver
- terminal with gold plated brass binding posts
- self-adhesive sealing tape
- 1 bag polyester fleece
- 12 x screws Pan 3.5x17 mm
- 2 metres cable 2 x 1.5 mm2
- 1 universal PCB 150 x 115 mm
  for mounting the crossover components (right column)
- building instruction
the crossover components:
- 1.5 mH ferrite core coil
- 2.2 mH air core coil / 0.7 mm
- 0.68 mH air core coil / 0.7 mm
- 22 μF ELCO, non-etched
- 15 μF ELCO, non-etched
- 4.7 μF MKP capacitor
- 15 Ohm MOX10 resistor (brown-green-black)
- 1.0 Ohm MOX10 resistor (brown-black-gold)
- 10 Ohm MOX10 resistor (brown-black-black)

Price for Bijou kit without cabinet per speaker: EUR 444,00 excl. VAT: € 373.11 / $ 399.23

Upon request the Bijou is also available with high-end crossover

MKP 400V capacitors are being used throughout:
- 22 μF MKP capacitor / 400V
- 15 μF MKP capacitor / 400V
- 4.7 μF MKP capacitor / 400V

Price for the kit with high-end crossover without cabinet per speaker: EUR 452,00 excl. VAT: € 379.83 / $ 406.42

Original Visaton Kit with finished crossover

The original Visaton kit with excellent building instruction and finished crossover is also available.

Price of Bijou kit per pair, without cabinet: EUR 950,90 excl. VAT: € 799.08 / $ 855.01

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