CC84: Blue Sat 2
Mini speaker with Visaton drivers as in Hobby HiFi 4/2008

BlueSat 2
Technical data:
- size (HxWxD): 15.2 x 10.4 x 12.5 cm
- impedance: 6 Ohm
- sensitivity: 79 dB
- crossover frequency: 5 kHz
- frequency range: 200-26k Hz
- speaker type: controlled not airtight

The Blue Sub kit is probably known to many as Clever Concept No. 24 (CC 24). The kit is now available with a crossover revised by Bernd Timmermans.

The combination consists of two small satellites and a subwoofer. The cabinet type is purposely not airtight to reduce the quality of the bass driver.

This is achieved by inserting a ventilation port filled with some cardboard and the supplied polyester wool.

The loudspeaker is equipped with a Visaton CP13 tweeter and an SC 8N bass driver that is not available anymore; we recommend as subwoofer Sub10-60.

Excerpt from the review in Hobby Hifi 4/2008

"With the CD "Something Grand" by the Hilton Ruiz Ensemble turning in our player, the size of these minute speakers was not an issue anymore. Latino rhythms full of beans and a rich and well structured bass are flooding our listening room. The sound is absolutely natural and well balanced. Thanks to the subwoofer this combination sounded like grown-ups - and at a reasonable volume with such superiority that we to ask ourselves the question why we still design those massive speakers. Joking apart: the performance was mind boggling. Sure, the volume cannot be cranked up too much, those minute bass drivers have their limits. But let's be honest: how often do we listen to music at higher volumes? The BlueSats can also be used as PC loudspeakers. In that case a bass module is not even required. The high pass capacitor is simply bridged or not put in, and these midgets extend down to 100 Hz. Alright, we cannot talk about low-bass here, but standard PC speakers will like complete fools when compared to the BlueSat 2. The necessary amplification is done by a Visatons AMP 2.2 LN (around 30 EUR, a 12 V power supply is also required. " ...

Kit content for a pair of speakers

Our BlueSat kit contains per pair:
- 2 Visaton CP 13 tweeter (2 units/pack)
- 2 x Visaton SC 8N bass driver (successor to SC 8), 8 Ohm
- 1 Pack Polyester Dämmstoff (polyester wool)
- self-adhesive foam sealing tape
- 8 PAN screws 3.5 x 17 mm
- 2 pairs binding posts
- 3 metres cable 2 x 1.5 mm2
- building instruction

- the crossover components to be mounted on wood:
- 2 x 0.82 mH core coils/0.5 Ohm
- 2 x 1 mH air core coils/0.7 mm
- 2 x 0.22 mH air core coils/0.7 mm
- 2 x 150 μF ELCO, etched
- 2 x 15 μF audio frequency ELCO
- 2 x 4.7 μF audio frequency ELCO
- 2 x 2.2 μF MKP capacitors
- 2 x 8.2 Ohm resistors / 5 Watt
- 2 x 10 Ohm resistors / 5 Watt

Price of BlueSat 2 kit, per pair, without cabinets: EUR 176,00 excl. VAT: € 147.90 / $ 158.25

Kit with high-end crossover

The kit with high-end crossover contains MOX4 instead of cement resistors. The core coil was replaced with a baked varnish air core coil. The etched 150 μF ELCO was replaced by higher quality 68 μF and 82 μF ELCO's in parallel

- the crossover components to be mounted on wood:
- 2 x 0.82 mH baked varnish coils/1mm
- 2 x 1 mH air core coils/0.7 mm
- 2 x 0.22 mH air core coils/0.7 mm
- 2 x 150 μF ELCO non-etched (68+82 in parallel)
- 2 a 15 μF audio frequency ELCO's
- 2 x 4.7 μF audio frequency ELCO's
- 2 x 2.2 μF MKP capacitors
- 2 x MOX4 resistors 8.2 Ohm (grey-red-gold)
- 2 x MOX4 resistors 10 Ohm (brown-black-black)

Please note:
Please bear in mind that the crossover components should be mounted close to one another, otherwise they won't fit into the cabinet.

Price of BlueSat 2 kit with high-end crossover, per pair, without cabinets: EUR 229,00 excl. VAT: € 192.44 / $ 205.91

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