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The cabinet should put together using either 19 mm MDF or multiplex panels. 7 panels are needed for the enclosure and a further tree for separation of the midrange driver. All boards are rectangular.

The midrange section should be filled with just under one bag polyester fleece (first, cut off three stripes for the bass reflex tubes) and the upper bass section with two bags. The bass reflex compartment should also be filled with two bags damping material.

A 25 cm wide strip of nap foam should be attached to the inside of the rear wall. Just cut the supplied foam lengthwise. No damping material should be placed in the bass section where the bass reflex tubes are (with the exception of the wrap around); apart from that, the Sonofol should be loosely placed in the rest of the section.

Alcone Cauchy 2 Frequenzweiche

Fitting the bass reflex tubes

Alcone Cauchy BassreflexrohrAfter the cabinet has been assembled, but before the bass drivers are mounted, the bass reflex tubes have to be fitted. This is being done by pushing the upper tube through the woofer opening first (picture 1). The second tube is then attached to the first one with adhesive tape (picture 2). Finally, the assembled tube should be inserted (picture 3). To ensure a soft suspension, one or two layers of 10 cm wide absorbant polyester could be wrapped around the area where the adhesive tape keeps the two tubes together.

Cauchy 2: Crossover

The crossover components should be mounted on a wooden board, by either using hot glue or cable fasteners. Afterwards, they should wired up. If you wish, the components could also be mounted on a universal PCB. The components' wires are pushed through the holes on one side and then soldered on the other. Alcone Cauchy 2 Frequenzweiche
In case you want to use a valve amp, we recommend a serial resonant circuit for impedance correction:
- ELCO non-etched 15 μF
- air core coil 1.2 mH / 0.7 mm
- resistor 12 Ohm 10 Watt
All components have to be wired in series and both resulting leads are then attached to the loudspeaker terminal.

We wish you a lot of fun with these fantastic speakers, displaying an almost limitless bass – and if you have any further questions please give us a call at +49-721-9703724.

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