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Cauchy is a high performance loudspeaker, producing exceptional bass.
Frequency response Cauchy 2
Pictured left: the
frequency response (red)

It's linear
the bass goes
down to
29 Hz (DIN,
-10 dB)

In black: the frequency response of both AC 10 HE bass drivers. Above 240 Hz the AC6.5 HE midrange driver takes over. It's noticeable that the intersection shows a level of 6 dB less than the overall level (red curve). This confirms a transition that is perfectly in phase. At 2200 Hz the tweeter takes over from the midrange driver.

Exaggeration that are characteristic of metal cones are well below the critical area (the green line at 6kHz) and are 20 dB below the level of the speaker.

Waterfall spectrum Cauchy 2
Picture left: the
waterfall spectrum
Barely visible is the resonance of the AC 6.5 HE at around 5 kHz and the resonance at 2 and 1.2 kHz, resp. below.

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