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The cabinet should be built with 18 mm MDF or Multiplex boards. There are 6 boards for the cabinet and further 3 boards for midrange driver enclosure. All boards are rectangular.

Just under a bag of polyester damping material should be placed into the midrange enclosure (first cut-off 3 strips for the bass reflex tubes) and 2 bags damping material should be place in the bass enclosure. The bass reflex tubes should not be covered (except the wrapping); otherwise the polyester fleece should be placed loosely in the remaining cabinet. Alcone Cauchy Frequenzweiche

Mounting the bass reflex tubes

Alcone Cauchy Bassreflexrohr After the cabinet has been assembled and before the bass drivers are fitted the bass reflex tubes need to be mounted. That's done by pushing the upper tube through the bass driver cut-out (picture 1). Then, from the outside, the second tube is going to be attached to the first tube with adhesive tape (picture 2). Finally, the entire tube is going to pushed through (picture 3). 1 or 2 layers of 10 cm wide absorbant polyester may be wrapped around the joint for suspension.

Those who wish to have an even less tall Cauchy might place the tweeter and midrange driver next to one another. This requires that the bass reflex tubes are mounted at the rear of the cabinet, pointing towards the tweeter. This has the disadvantage the the speaker has to be pointed exactly towards the listener. Therefore, we have omitted this design.

Cauchy: crossover

The crossover should be mounted on a wooden panel. The individual components should either be hot-glued to the wooden board or attached with cable fasteners and then wired up. If preferred, a universal PCB may be used where the components are fed through one side and soldered on the other. Alcone Cauchy Frequenzweiche
If a valve amp is being used we recommend a serial resonance circuit for impedance correction. Components to be used:
- ELCO non-etched 15 μF
- air core coil 1.2 mH / 0.7 mm
- resistor 12 Ohm 10 Watt
All components to be wired in series, the two leads to be connected to the loudspeaker terminals.

Have a lot of fun with this excellent shelf speaker! - and if you need help, just give us a call at +49-721-9703724.

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