Shelf speaker with Thiel drivers as in Klang+Ton 2/2004

Technical data:
- size (HxWxD): 43 x 24 x 30 cm
- impedance: 8 Ohm
- sensitivity: 85 dB
- frequency range: 50-22k Hz
- speaker type: 2 way bass reflex

Ceram is a shelf speaker with high quality Thiel ceramic drivers, that is equipped with a crossover in series. A crossover in series is not completely new - as correctly stated in Klang+Ton -, but is difficult to calculate and to handle. One reason why this type of crossover is seldom found in industrial products.

The C2 23/6 tweeter and the C2 95-T6 bass driver are perfect matches when using a crossover in series and Klang+Ton only uses high-grade components.

The kit contains:
- the Thiel C2 95-T6 bass driver
- the Thiel C2 23/6 tweeter
- 1 1/2 damping material Sonofil
- 1/2 pack damping strips
- 2 Streamline 30 bass reflex tubes, to be shortened to 11 cm
- 2 brass binding posts, gold plated
- 8 wood screws 4x20
- the building instruction for the cabinet
crossover components to be mounted on wood, comprising:
... the best coils we know of:
- Mundorf foil coil CFC 12 with 0.39 mH
- Mundorf foil coil CFC 12 with 0.82 mH
... the lowest-loss capacitors we know of:
- Mundorf MCAP Supreme 8.2 uF
- Mundorf MCAP Supreme 3.3 uF
- MOX 10 resistor 2.7 Ohm (red-purple-gold)

Verdict by Klang+Ton 2/2004:
"After we had taken our time to compare Ceram and Duetta Top we found it hard to favour one of the two. The one has advantages regarding tops and cabinet size, the other one shows more punch and dynamics. It's all a matter of taste. We like both."

Price per kit without cabinet: - not available

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