ASE Cevio with High Frequency Line Array published in Hobby HiFi 4/2008

ASE Cevio aus HH 4/2008
Technical data:
- rated SPL: 90 dB (2.83V, 1m)
- frequency range (-3dB): 70 - 25 kHz
- impedance: 4 Ohm
- crossover frequency: 1,35 kHz
- size (HxWxD): 39.6 x 22.5 x 31.4 cm
- speaker type: bass reflex

Cevio is a high frequency line array loudspeaker designed by Gerd Lommersum. The line array consists of 8 Vifa XT300 K/4 in series. To ensure that the sound is not too directional, the outer drivers are cut-off at 10 kHz. Below 1350 Hz two Peerless HDS 5-25/08 bass drivers are taking over.

The cut-off frequency is relatively high since 8 tweeters in-phase generate quite a sound pressure level.

Excerpt from the review in Hobby HiFi 4/2008

... "To check the power handling we chose a dynamic music type. The Hilton Ruiz Ensemble's 'Home Cookin' was just the right thing. The percussive Latino rhythms came across lively and with a lot of pizzazz joined by beautifully precise imaging. Vocals are quite up front while the instruments' stage is rather wide instead of deep. The overall imaging is absolutely precise, all sound sources are rock solid. Even cranking up the volume didn't change anything - tonality and imaging remained intact. The sound reproduction by these small speakers borders on a miracle. The only thing that's missing is the rich, full and well contoured bass that was captured by the original recording. Agreed, there was a fundamental bass that might have been adequate. But we know what type of bass is on the CD and some of it was missing. We could do with a subwoofer. The Macro Cube featured in Hobby HiFi was available. Set to the lowest cut-off frequency and phase adjusted to 180 degrees the trio formed an integrated whole. Only now the sound was well balanced and the bass sparkled with minute details. Even the three-dimensionality gained from the employment of a subwoofer - that's always an amazing effect. Actually, there is no change at all with regard to spatial distribution - it's all in the mind. The brain is just not occupied anymore with compensation for lack of bass, the calculating power will be rather used for the generation of width and depth. Thanks to a subwoofer some more three-dimensionality was added."

The original ASE kit comprises

- a line array wit 8 ring radiators per speaker
- Peerless HDS Nomex 5-25/08 bass driver
- damping material
- finished crossover
- cables and screws
- the building instruction

AOS Cevio Kit
Price per pair - not available

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