Visaton Classic 200

Visaton Classic 200

The Visaton Classic 200 is a large 3 way, bass reflex, floorstanding loudspeaker.

The Classic 200 shows the following characteristics:

  • large, floorstanding speaker with excellent attention to detail
  • beautiful, classic design (height x width x depth): 100 x 26 x 26 cm
  • exemplary equipment and description by Visaton

Technical Data:

  • rated power handling 120 W
  • programme power handling 180 W
  • rated impedance 8 Ohm
  • frequency range (-10 dB) 35 - 25000 Hz
  • average SPL 88 dB (1 W/1 m)
  • crossover frequencies: 200 / 2000 Hz
  • cabinet type: bass reflex

Review of Classic 200 by Klang + Ton 5/2005:

"As expected the Classic 200 shows great attention to detail over the entire frequency range, reproducing nuances that other speakers just won't deliver. The listener never has the feeling that this openness is forced on him and that the speaker reproduces something that wasn't recorded. Since the bass is tuned relatively high for practical reasons, the sound is clean and clearly structured. The different sizes of tom-toms and drums can always be distinguished, bass runs are worked out clearly. Sure, there is also low bass but possibly not enough for low bass freaks. On the other hand, those who prefer precision will be delighted with this high set-up. The various noises - often found in classical recordings - like paging, noise from keys and wind instruments are projected in an easy and relaxed way. Big jumps in dynamics are produced almost without any compression, possibly giving the listener a shock treatment when listening to rock music or big orchestral works. This type of dynamics you wouldn't expect from such an unspectacular looking speaker. The catch to the extreme openness is that there is a slight boost in the upper midrange of certain recordings leading to vocals that are just a bit too much in the foreground. However, this drawback is more a matter of taste and is mainly noticeable when listening to unbalanced recordings. Those who have an echoing, little damped listening room and prefer the soft tones should rather test-listen the Classic 200 before buying. All others will have a loudspeaker that shows precision, openness and an excellent three-dimensionality. The Classic 200 is easy to built and the plain design is blending in with most furniture."

The Visaton Classic 200 kit contains:

    Frequency response of the Visaton Classic 200

Order No. V-5964, price per pair (without cabinet) EUR 1694,30 excl. VAT: € 1423.78 / $ 1537.68

Visaton Classic 200 with high-end crossover

High-end crossover to be mounted on wood with::
- Mundorf audiophile MKP capacitors / 400V in signal path (instead of ELCO's)
- MOX10 resistors throughout
- high quality coil s (a baked varnish coil for the tweeter)
in detail:

- Mundorf MKP capacitor 0.33 μF / 630 V
- Mundorf MKP capacitor 6.8 μF / 400 V
- Mundorf MKP capacitor 8.2 μF / 400 V
- Mundorf MKP capacitor 15 μF / 400 V
- Mundorf MCap EVO capacitor 47 μF / 400 V
- ELCO un-etched 82uF / 35 V
- ELCO etched 150 μF / 63 V
- 1 mm air core coil /1.0 mH
- baked varnish air core coil 0.33 mH / 0.26 Ohm
- core coil 4.7 mH / 0.46 Ohm
- core coil 4.7 mH / 0.19 Ohm
- ferrite core coil 15 mH / 4.4 Ohm
- 2x MOX10 2.2 Ohm/10Watt (red-red-gold)
- MOX10 6.8 Ohm/10Watt (blue-grey-gold)

In addition a terminal with gold plated brass binding posts, cable for internal wiring, screws, 3 bag (=6 mats) damping material, the Visaton bass reflex tube and the drivers.

Order No. str-classic-200, price per unit (without cabinet) EUR 869,00 excl. VAT: € 730.25 / $ 788.67

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