CT 272   Floorstanding as in K+T 3/2014

Technical data
  • impedance: 4 Ohm
  • sensivity (2,83V/1m): 83 dB
  • size (HxWxD): 977 x 232 x 314 mm
  • frequency range (-8dB): 28 - 30000 Hz
  • crossover frequency(s): - Hz
  • speaker type: bass reflex

Looking for a cheap Kit (cheap trick) Alexander Gressler found some speakers for an extremely low price: Dynavox woofer and Westra fullrange.

A 2-way-crossover is used. It's high frequency impedance is very low, so that the amplifier should be able to drive very low complex impedances at high frequencies.

Our kit consists of

  • Westra Fullrange OT-57-148
  • Dynavox woofer DY166-9A, 4 Ohm
  • bass reflex trumpet port TR60, 60x120 mm, black
  • 1,5x Damping Sonofil 100 x 35 cm for 20 litres
  • 0,5x Foam N25, 100x50x4 cm, black
  • Spring loaded terminal T56 D
  • 2m Speaker cable 2x1.5 mm2, transparent
  • Pan screws 4x20 black, cross recess, 8 pieces
  • Plan for DIY kit

the crossover components (right),
to be mounted on a small wooden board.
  • Audaphon MKT CAP 1.0 μF / 160 Vdc
  • Audaphon MKT CAP 2.7 μF / 160 Vdc
  • electrolytic capacitor, 10 μF / 100 Vdc
  • electrolytic capacitor, etched, 47 μF/100 Vdc
  • 0.7 mm air core coil, 0.47 mH/0.50 Ohm
  • 1.0 mm air core coil, 1.0 mH/0.49 Ohm
  • ceramic resistor 18 Ohm/10 Watt

Kit without cabinet, price per speaker   - not available

Kit with high-end crossover

In the kit with high end crossover foil capacitors are used in series to Woofer and Fullrange. All coils are designed as baked varnish air core coils to suppress vibrations in the coil.

Kit without cabinet, price per speaker   - not available

Impedance correction

If you want to use a valve amplifier with this speaker an impedance correction should be employed. In this case the component quality is less important; therefore, we offer only one kit (upon request higher quality components are available).

Price per impedance correction for one speaker, to be mounted on a small wooden board.     EUR 8,70 excl. VAT: € 7.31 / $ 7.82

universal PCB

If you prefer to mount the crossover components on a 159 x 127 mm universal PCB instead on wood:
Universal PCB RA160, order no.. str-RA160, price per unit:   EUR 5,90 excl. VAT: € 4.96 / $ 5.31
We recommend one board per kit (two boards for a speaker pair)

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