CC63: Dacapo by Bernd Timmermanns     as in Hobby HiFi 3/2006

Dacapo aus Hobby HiFi 3/2006
Technical data of the Dacapo:
- impedance: 4 Ohm
- rated SPL (2.83V/1m): 98 dB
- size (HxWxD): 145.5 x 45 x 35 cm
- frequency range (-3dB): 200-19 000 Hz
- frequency range (-8dB): 90-20 000 Hz
- speaker type: open baffle
"Dacapo" is an planar radiator designed by Bernd Timmermanns equipped with a reasonably priced Ciare CH 250 full range driver boasting a high efficiency of 98 dB (2.83V, 1 metre).

To achieve this, Bernd Timmermanns investigated how wide the baffle had to be to ensure a frequency response that is as flat as possible. A 45 cm baffle resulted in a reasonably flat frequency response between 300 and 1000 Hz.

An excerpt of the Hobby HiFi review:

Ciare CH 250 ... "Despite the small distance between the two speakers, the two Ciare full range drivers were able to create an amazingly wide and deep sound stage. It is true that vocals and instruments were bigger than usual, but they were still realistic enough. Beethoven's "Ich liebe dich" performed by Hermann Prey (to be found on the Manger Test CD) was just terrific. We rarely had the opportunity to experience Hermann Prey, standing that tall in front of a concert grand. Even the piano was easy to locate and in its full size. Great!" ... "Tonality, however, was not as good as with well balanced multiple driver speakers. The minor shortcomings that are clearly noticeable in AB comparison are not bothering at all anymore when our ears have adjusted to these speakers. What's left is a phenomenally detailed performance with an almost infinitely fine resolution, that also has a drawback: even the smallest blunder by the recording engineer is audible. Really good recordings, however, like e.g. the Manger Test CD the listener will get sheer pleasure out of the Dacapo."

Our standard kit consists of

- Ciare CH 250 full range driver
- 8 PAN screws 3.5 x 17 mm
- 2 metre cable 2x2.5 mm2
- a rectangular terminal
  with gold plated brass binding posts
- the building instruction
- the crossover components
  to be mounted on wood:
- 0.047 mH air core coil with 1.4 mm wire
- 0.022 mH air core coil with 1.4 mm wire
- 2.2 μF and 4.7 μF MKP capacitor
- 10 uF, 15 μF and 47 μF ELCO, non-etched
- 10 Ohm MOX4 resistor (brown-black-black)

Dacapo kit without cabinet
Price per Unit - not available

Upon request we supply a 220 x 155 mm universal PCB for mounting the crossover components.
Price of PCB EUR 11,80 excl. VAT: € 9.92 / $ 10.71

We recommend to use Dacapo together with a subwoofer.

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