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Alcone Descartes II: Building Instruction

The cabinet should be built using 19 mm MDF or multiplex boards throughout.

The angles complicate things a bit. If you prefer a cabinet with right angles - no problem. We supply the building instruction (size: 1345 X 248 x 490 mm) consisting of 12 simple boards.

And for those who are not afraid of sloping edges:
The three part baffle should be attached to the side panels and the bottom panel from the front.

The side panels need to be cut according to the plan. Please check all panels before attaching them.

The following panels are needed::

Driver countersunk:
- AC 15 tweeter: 5 mm
- Alcone AC 6.5 HE midrange / bass driver: 6 mm
- AC 8 HE bass driver: 6.5 mm.

After the cabinet has been assembled, all joints - with the exception of the bass reflex tube - need to be airtight. This can be done by using structural adhesive or wood-glue.

The following two pictures show the loudspeaker in detail:

Alcone Descartes

Alcone Descartes

Descartes II: Crossover

The crossover components should be mounted on a wooden panel. They should be either hot-glued or attached with cable fasteners and then wired up. If preferred, a universal PCB may be used where the components are fed through one side and soldered on the other.

Alcone Descartes 2 Frequenzweiche


The passive crossover is shown on the right side of the picture. On the left is the subwoofer amplifier. The AC 8 HE drivers are to be connected to cables coming from the rear of the subwoofer module.

The high level input of the subwoofer module (2 of the 4 connectors, either the left or the right input) should be attached to the binding posts of the crossover.

The binding posts should also be connected to the crossover.

Please don't use the high level outputs of the subwoofer module, since this reduces the sound quality (this applies to all high level outputs of subwoofers with high-pass filter).

Have a lot of fun with this excellent floorstanding speaker! - and if you need help, just give us a call at +49-721-9703724.

Descartes II Description