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Description of the Dirac XT

After the tremendous success of the larger Pascal XT many customers requested a smaller design. The Dirac XT was developed in three versions (front/centre/rear). Despite a slight increase in frequency response and different bass drivers the sound is relatively similar to the Pascal. However, the Dirac features magnetically shielded drivers suitable for home cinema.

If clean and tight bass, adherence to detail and three-dimensionality are required the Dirac should certainly be on the shortlist as confirmed in a review by Klang + Ton (4/2004).
  Dirac XT

Dirac XT: Review in Klang+Ton 4/2004

"Test result
There is little reason for criticism regarding the usual measuring diagrams. The output of the tweeter remains up to 15 kHz at midrange level, even at a 30 degree measuring angle. Taking the 88 dB line as a guide, deviation from the linear curve in the area with listening significance is roughly +/- 2 dB, with a slight dip in the lower mids. The minimum impedance of 4 Ohm lies at 200 Hz. The waterfall spectrum is impeccable as well as step response and acoustic phase. Harmonic distortion at 80 and 90 dB is almost identical, with just a K3 peak at 2.5 kHz.

Just a few bars of music are sufficient for us to learn what is hidden in this unassuming cabinet: the low bass showing clarity and precision surprised us. We didn't expect the "small wooden box" to behave like a grown-up. The volume generated was sufficient to provide enough bass for several floors in a block of flats. The brass section's performance in George Michael's "Secret Love" was open and airy. Not even the faintest touch of the hi-hat remained under cover. Absolutely fascinating was, how effortless the tops came across. In "Songs Of The Last Century" the vocals crystallised close at hand, lifelike but not to capacious from the accompanying instruments, almost bringing to life the swing of the last century. Afterwards Sade captivated us in "Lovers Live" (from DVD) with her expressive and yet sensitive talent. The audience's cheer, clapping hands, a beautifully played sax in "Smooth Operator"; we felt this tingling as if we were sitting in the concert hall, while the excellent imaging further contributed to our enjoyment. Also available by Iris Strassacker are the Dirac XT matching rear and centre speakers equipped with the same magnetically shielded drivers, ensuring that not even the most sensitive TV set is spoiling the thrill of audio-visual live music."

Hint by Iris Strassacker:
If enough space is available all loudspeakers should be placed more than 60 cm away from the side walls to ensure correct imaging. Although the Dirac was developed with reduced wall influence in mind, it cannot be eliminated entirely.

Description of the Dirax XT