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Alcone Dirac XT: Building Instructions

The cabinet should be built with 19 mm MDF or multiplex boards. 2 mm Bitumex boards could be used to further quieten the cabinet, although it didn't seem to be necessary.

The upper part of the cabinet should be filled with 1/2 bag of polyester damping material , the lower part with 1 to 1 1/2 bags. The bass reflex tube should remain uncovered. Alcone Dirac XT

Dirac XT: Crossover

The crossover components should be either hot glued onto a wooden board or attached with cable fasteners and wired afterwards. If requested, the components could also be mounted on a universal PCB. In this case the components ends should be fed through the holes of the PCB and soldered on the other side. Alcone DiracXT
If a valve amp is being used we recommend to adjust the impedance by installing a serial resonant circuit with the following components:
- ELCO unetched foil 22 μF
- air core coil 0,56 mH / 1 mm
- resistor 6,8 Ohm 10 Watt
All components need to be connected in series, the two ends will be connected to the loudspeaker terminals.

Dirac XT: finished crossover

The crossover of Dirac XT contains the components:
- air cored inductors
- 4 Watt metal oxide resistors
- high end Audyn-CAP MKP-capacitors (in picture on the right hand side)
- MKP-capacitors
Alcone Dirac XT Alcone Dirac XT


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