Disub 18/2 by Bernd Timmermanns     as in Hobby HiFi 3/2006

Disub 18/2 aus Hobby HiFi 3/2006
Technical data of Disub 18/2:
- impedance, active/passive: 2x4/2x6 Ohm
- rated SPL (2.83V/1m): 95 dB
- size (HxWxD): 60 x 50.8 x 72.6 cm
- frequency range (-3dB): 23 - 300 Hz
- speaker type: W-Dipole (Linkwitz)
"Disub 18/2" is a dipolar subwoofer designed by Bernd Timmermann. This sub is perfectly suited for a music room where it should be placed approx. 2 metres from the rear wall in centre between the front speakers.

Placed closely to the rear wall this sub doesn't work properly.

In contrast to some smaller dipoles this one is quite efficient due to two large 18 inch bass drivers. The two drivers are mounted one behind the other, called W profile (according to Linkwitz).

An excerpt of the Hobby HiFi review:

Disub 18/2 aus Hobby HiFi 3/2006
  Picture above: a view from below the dipole
"Quite advantageous is the continuously variable phase adjustment of the Sitronik module, resulting in a perfect adaptation of the subwoofer to the satellites. It just snaps when the correct adjustment has been reached. The impeccable low bass of a dipolar subwoofer really needs to be heard to believe it: the beat of a kettledrum (Carl Orff: Carmina Burana, Telarc) just explodes without any warning, expands and vanishes the next moment. No vibration, no bass boom, just dry and tight bass. That's exactly how low bass should be, but we rarely experience this type of performance. Ray Brown's double bass (Oscar Petersen Trio: We Get Requests, Verve) was just mightier than usual, the strings seemed to be particularly tight. Especially impressive were the Kodo drums (Kodo: Heartbeat Drummers of Japan, Sheffield Lab)."

As described by Bernd Timmermanns, we have 3 dipole versions available - but not with Sitronik amplifier modules which are no longer available but with Detonation amplifier modules:

Using a passive dipole results in an efficiency of 88-90 dB. Explanation: the dipole has a total efficiency of 95 dB. This value should be comparable to the efficiency of two satellites. Two satellites in phase, however, possess 6 dB more than just one (see interview with Dr. d'Appolito), resulting in 95 dB - 6 dB = 89 dB.

We recommend the active dipole since volume and phase are adjustable.

The different versions of the Disub 18/2 consist of

Version: active mono dipole
with Detonation DT 150
active stereo dipole
with two Detonation DT 150
passive stereo dipole
with crossover
2 x Mivoc 18 inch AWX 184 bass drivers
Amplifier module: Detonation DT 150 2 pcs Detonation DT 150 n/a;
bi-wiring terminal instead
Important: speakers have to be
connected in series!
2 metre cable Inakustik Premium LS Silver (silver plated)
16 screws
foam sealing tape for drivers and amplifier
Crossover components: 1.8 mH i-point coil,
  with 0.16 Ohm
3x 100 μF ELCO non-etched
1x 33 μF ELCO non-etched
2x transformer core coil 3.3 mH
  with 0.13 Ohm
2x 100 μF ELCO non-etched
2x 82 μF ELCO non-etched
2x 6.8 mH i-point coil/0.44 Ohm
2x 4.7 mH i-point coil/0.58 Ohm
2x 220 μF ELCO etched
2x 470 μF ELCO etched
2x 2.2 Ohm, 20 Watt resistor
Price: - not available - not available - not available

important hint: The measurements of AWX 184 have been changed. So don't build the cabinet according to the old measurements.

Upon request we supply a 220 x 155 mm universal PCB, for mounting the component.
For the passive subwoofer we recommend 2 PCB's.
Price per PCB EUR 11,80 excl. VAT: € 9.92 / $ 10.71

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