Eckeharrt a subwoofer for corners as in K+T 2/2006

Eckeharrt aus Klang+Ton 2/2006
technical data:
- size (HxWxD): 119x75x44 cm
- impedance: 4 Ohm
- crossover frequency: adjustable
- sensitivity: approx. 94 dB (1W/1m)
- frequency range (-8dB): from approx. 31 Hz
  ... with bass boost from approx. 24 Hz
- maximum SPL: 115 dB

The corner subwoofer is equipped with Mivoc's latest AWX 184.

This corner subwoofer is ideal for extremely high sound pressure levels. For maximum SPL K+T suggests to use two staked subwoofers in two corners.

Excerpt of the review by K+T 2/2006:
...."The subwoofer's abilities might depend a bit too much on the positioning, setting and the satellites used. The Eckeharrt and the satellites have to be matched perfectly, in order to capitalise on the subwoofer's strength. We really had to go to town, since high-end manikins were just not the right partners. The Visaton Quadro (see page 66) came in handy. From a design point of view it's quite a similar speaker: a lot of radiating area, low weight, high sound pressure level and the Visaton likes to be partnered by a subwoofer. The Eckeharrt added a mighty and rumbling bass to sound of the Quadro, a bass that can only come from a big speaker. The ease displayed by the Eckharrt when playing organ music and drums was impressive and made a lot of fun. The Quadro - degraded to a satellite - produced in conjunction with the Eckharrt such an attacking sound that live recordings gave the listener the impression of being in the concert hall. Somehow, one had the feeling as if both loudspeaker tried to outdo one another."...

Our kit contains:
- a Mivoc ASW 184
- 1 x mat nap foam N25
- foam sealing tape
- 4 HP 70 bass reflex tubes in full lenght
- a set of 8 screws
- 1.5 metre cable with 2x 2.5 mm2 diameter
- gold plated brass binding posts
- the building instruction

price per Eckeharrt kit without cabinet: - not available

we recommend the following active modules, to be fitted into a separate cabinet: Mivoc AM 80

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