Fiesta 25 - as reviewed in Klang+Ton 1/07 High-End Fiesta 25

Fiesta 25
Technical data
- size (HxWxD): 120 x 32 x 40 cm
- impedance: 4 Ohm
- sensitivity: 91 dB (2.83V/1m)
- frequency range (-8dB): 42 - 20 000 Hz
- speaker type: 3 way, sealed cabinet
The strong point of a horn speaker is dynamics. Even extreme peaks and sustained high volumes are reproduced without hiccups. Horns are extremely capable of efficiently converting electrical energy into sound. Often this advantage comes with some sound coloration. But not with the Fiesta 25. During development a lot of attention was paid to achieving a frequency response that is as flat as possible - an important prerequisite for high-fidelity sound and longer listening sessions.

To keep the cabinet size down to suit a normal living room, we refrained from using a horn in the bass section in favour of the large radiating area of two W 250 S at 8 Ohm in a sealed enclosure.DK 8 P

As a special feature the Fiesta 25 comes equipped with a slightly altered DK 8 P 100 V/15 W midrange pressure chamber horn. The driver's characteristics between 500 and 500 Hz were quite astonishing. Alteration of the driver is accomplished in no time and is described in our building instruction. For high frequencies the proven HTH 8.7 horn tweeter is added.

The unusual combination of these drivers is not without problems and requires a careful design of the crossover, in order to achieve the ambitious goal of producing a loudspeaker that complies with hi-fi standards. Even though a frequency response as flat as with conventional speakers is not possible, the sound is remarkable. The Fiesta 25 produces a pleasant sound - from extremely detailed tops over clear and open mids down to deep and punchy bass. In contrast to standard loudspeakers the Fiesta 25 is - if required - easily capable of shaking a living room with extreme peaks and threatening, sustained high volumes. A well controlled directionality of the relatively focused horns ensures that appropriate recordings are reproduced with precise positioning and depth of the instruments, under the condition that the listener has taken a seat in the hot spot between the speakers.

To sum it up it can be said: this loudspeaker is great fun with definite hi-fi qualities.

Excerpt of the review by Klang+Ton 1/2007:

... "I decided to keep the audiophile standard recordings for later and started of with the album "Version 2.0" by the band Garbage. This speaker is more than capable to produce extreme volumes without any hiccups. Bass is tight, the tops are brilliant and there is an abundance of dynamics in any frequency range. Both horns reproduced any type of material basically hands down. With a limited SPL of 92 dB there are almost boundless reserves. Vocals and percussion almost explode, but are always pleasant and well balanced. The Fiesta is also quite happy with "Minimum-Maximum" by Kraftwerk, very popular among reviewers. Bubbling over with dynamics, the right dose of forwardness and rich bass punch gave the impression of a live concert especially at realistic volumes. Somehow, I was reminded of a "Monitor Light". The combined air flow of the large bass radiating area produces a dynamic and solid sound, with lots of punch, precision and contrast, not only at low frequencies but also in the low midrange area. Drum beats are tight and explosive even at high volumes. The emphasis on low frequencies surely provides a lot of fun, although a double bass might sound slightly overblown. Despite the phase tricks applied to the DK 8 P, the Fiesta 25 produces a large, forward stage, almost like a headphone, but without the sometimes unpleasant in-head origination. Long-term listeners will appreciate the well-balanced sound characteristics, masterly combining cosiness with the forwardness of large radiating areas and horns."

The original Visaton kit consists of (per speaker):

- Visaton HTH 8.7 high frequency horn
- Visaton DK8 P 15W pressure chamber horn
- 2 x Visaton W 250 S bass drivers
- finished Fiesta 25 crossover
- ST 77 terminal
- exemplary Visaton building instruction
- 8 bags polyester wool damping material
- 18 x wood screws 4 x 20 mm 18
- 10 x countersunk screws 3.5 x 25 mm 10
- 2 screws/nuts M 8 x 30
- 4 metre cable 2 x 1.5 mm²
- 1 x grille cover fabric 50 x 50 cm

Price for the original Visaton V-5900 Kit
without cabinet per pair: - not available (_)

Please note: Alteration of the driver is accomplished in no time and is described in our building instruction.

Fiesta 25 with DIY high-end crossover

Description of Fiesta 25 high-end crossover

Price for our high-end kit str-fiesta25-he
without cabinet per speaker: EUR 720,00 excl. VAT: € 605.04 / $ 647.39

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