Katana M1   Floorstanding as in K+T 3/2021

Technical data
  • impedance: 6 Ohm
  • sensivity (2,83V/1m): 84 dB
  • size (HxWxD): 1100 x 500 x 210 mm
  • frequency range (-8dB): 35 - 21000 Hz
  • crossover frequency(s): Hz
  • speaker type: dipol

KATANA-M1 is a two way floorstanding speaker.

KATANA-M1 is a dipole loudspeaker with drivers of Monacor International .

The kit is delivered with the following drivers:
- a Monacor SPX-31M full range driver
- two Monacor SPM-205/8 woofers

The loudspeaker has been developed by Monacor International.

The crossover consists of:
- a first order high-pass filter (6 dB per octave slope) for the full range driver.
- a first order low-pass filter (6 dB per octave slope) for the woofer.

The frequency response of this speaker is nearly linear.

The decay spectrum is nearly perfect.

At low volume, i.e. 85 dB at 1 m, the nonlinear distortions are below 1,2% above 300 Hz and doesn't exceed 2,5% at 95 dB at 1 m between 300 and 15000 Hz.

An excerpt from the Klang+Ton review

Conclusion of the magazine Klang+Ton:

Our kit consists of

  • Original Monacor kit inclusive cabinet parts

Kit, price per speaker   EUR 292,40 excl. VAT: € 245.71 / $ 265.37

Impedance correction

If you want to use a valve amplifier with this speaker an impedance correction should be employed. In this case the component quality is less important; therefore, we offer only one kit (upon request higher quality components are available).

  • JB, electrolytic capacitor, bipolar, 100 μF/50 Vdc
  • 1.0 mm air core coil, 1.5 mH/0.63 Ohm
  • ceramic resistor 6.8 Ohm/20 Watt

Price per impedance correction for one speaker, to be mounted on a small wooden board.     EUR 16,50 excl. VAT: € 13.87 / $ 14.97

universal PCB

If you prefer to mount the crossover components on a 140 x 102 mm universal PCB instead on wood:
Universal PCB RA140, order no.. str-RA140, price per unit:   EUR 4,20 excl. VAT: € 3.53 / $ 3.81
We recommend one board per kit (two boards for a speaker pair)

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