Alcone Lagrange 98: construction plan

Alcone Lagrange 98
The cabinet of the speaker kit should be done of solid 25 mm MDF or chipboard. So you get a very firm cabinet without using bracings.

The baffle (front of the cabinet) should have a bevel at the edge or the edges should be rounded.

Inside the cabinet use half a pack of the wool damping stuff and cover the left and right side part with Bitumex (the black sheets).

Alcone Lagrange 98: crossover

The crossover should be build on a wooden plate. Arrange the parts like the crossover plan shows them. The parts should be fixed with hot-melt adhesive or with cable ties. Then the the connections can be made.

Quite a lot of parts in the crossover let you think: There is much to be corrected. The opposite is right: The crossover is designed to separate as smooth as a 6 dB crossover. Alcone Lagrange XT
Important: The polarity of the tweeter is opposite to that of the woofer!

If you don't like reversed polarity, the tweeter has to be out 8 cm backwards.

If you have a tube amplifier an additional impedance correction should be used, consisting of:
- electrolytic capacitor 22 μF
- air coil 0,47 mH / 0,7 mm
- Resistor 12 Ohm, 10 Watt
These parts will be connected in series and the two free connections will be connected to the speaker terminal.

If you want to do some improvements in the crossover (not necessary):
- instead of 6,8 mH coil take a copper foil inductor cfc14-6,8 uH
- instead of the capacitor 6,8 μF use a Mundorf MCAP-Supreme
  or a Mundorf MCap -Sup-Silver/oil 6,8 μF/1200V.
- if you want to do any possible improvement exchange the 8,2 mH core inductor against a Mundorf air coil (Backlackluftspule)

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