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Alcone Lagrange XT: construction plan

Alcone Lagrange XT

The cabinet of the speaker kit should be done of solid 25 mm MDF or chipboard. So you get a very firm cabinet without using bracings.

The baffle (front of the cabinet) should have a bevel at the edge or the edges should be rounded.

Inside the cabinet use half a pack of the white damping.

Alcone Lagrange XT: crossover

The crossover should be build on a wooden plate. Arrange the parts like the crossover plan shows them. The parts should be fixed with hot-melt adhesive or with cable ties. Then the the connections can be made. Alcone Lagrange XT

If you have a tube amplifier an additional impedance correction should be used, consisting of:
- electrolytic capacitor 15 μF
- air coil 1 mH / 1,0 mm
- Resistor 10 Ohm, 10 Watt
These parts will be connected in series and the two free connections will be connected to the speaker terminal.

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