CC46: Lancetta by Hobby HiFi 6/04     our design suggestion for 2004

Lancetta aus Hobby HiFi 6/2004
Lancetta - technical data
- dimensions (HxWxD): 142.5 x 10 x 18.2 cm
- with base (HxWxD): 145 x 20 x 28.2 cm
- Impedance: 8 Ohm
- sensitivity: 80 dB
- Frequency response (-8dB): 50 - 23000 Hz
- speaker type: transmission line

The Lancetta as described by Bernd Timmermanns:
"The Lancetta exceeded all expectations. Nobody expected such an impressive bass displayed by this slender frame. Based on a deep and cleanly structured bass is a clear and three-dimensional midrange, finished off by a really decent high frequency resolution. Sure, in this area the Lancetta cannot compete with loudspeakers equipped with top-quality dome or ribbon tweeters. The attention to detail, however, is astonishing and produced without any unpleasant harshness."...
Tang Band W3-871

Miracles by the Lancetta's power handling shouldn't be expected; this speaker is well suited for a moderate volume, not for much more. The Tangband W 3-871 (pictured left) is just 9.4 cm in diameter, using a aluminium phase plug for cooling, while the cone is made of paper.

The Tangband full range driver possesses a relatively high Q factor, meaning that on paper a larger cabinet could be used or the bass is slightly emphasised, similar to CT 209 With this in-house competition Bernd Timmermanns wasn't happy. Looking for more suitable application he came up with the logical idea to put the Tangband in a transmission line, where relatively weak driver magnets are required. Additionally, in this type of enclosure the Tangband operates far below resonance frequency.

To achieve a more even frequency response two Helmholtz resonators were put into the enclosure, just above the driver. The Lancetta consists basically only of exterior walls, since there is only one channel, ending near the base.

Our standard kit consists of:

- Tangband W3-871 full range driver
- 1 x spring loaded terminal
- 0.5 bag polyester fleece
- 2 metre cable 2x1,5 mm2
- 4 x screws Pan 3,5x17
- building instruction
- crossover components, to be mounted on wood:
- 1x 0.56 mH air core coil 1.4 mm
- 1x 6.8 μF MKP foil
- 1x 6 8 Ohm MOX10 resistor (blue-grey-gold)

Lancetta kit price without cabinet per unit: EUR 72,00 excl. VAT: € 60.50 / $ 65.34

Please note: Per cabinet 2 x drain pipes with 46 mm diameter and 60 mm length are needed. Available at the local hardware store or from us for EUR 10.00 (pipe for 4 pipes / a pair of speakers).

Money saving hint: Marginally cheaper is a 1.0 mm coil instead of a 1.4 mm. As result you get a bit more kick bass and save EUR 2.40 per cabinet.

Optional: impedance correction for valve amps:
- 1 x 15 μF audio frequency ELCO or ELCO unetched
- 1x 10 Ohm MOX10 resitor (brown-black-black)

Medium-End Version with high quality cable

This version contain per unit 2 x binding post and 2 metre cable with silver plated copper wire 2 x 2.5 mm2.

Lancetta Medium-End kit price without cabinet per unit: EUR 92,50 excl. VAT: € 77.73 / $ 83.95

High-End Version

The High-End version only uses top-quality components:
- 1 x 0.56 mH cfc-14 coil instead of air core coil
- 1x 6.9 μF foil, consisting of (according to suggestion in building instructions):
    2.2 μF Mundorf-Supreme MCAP in parallel to
    4.7 μF Mundorf MCAP 400 V
- in addition to impedance correction (costing a mere 2 EUR)
- gold plated brass binding posts instead of spring loaded terminal
- additional 0.5 metre sealing tape
- silver plated wire 2x2,5 mm instead of copper2

Lancetta High-End kit price without cabinet per unit: EUR 146,00 excl. VAT: € 122.69 / $ 132.50

Lancetta AL Version

Tang Band W3-315 SC For a somewhat livelier and brighter sound we recommend the W3-315SC with aluminium cone.

This speaker kit contains 1 x 8.2 μF MKT (=C1) instead of 6.8 μF
and instead of 2 x 22 Ohm resistors just one MOX10 with 8.2 Ohm
All other components are the same.

Lancetta AL kit price without cabinet: EUR 79,40 excl. VAT: € 66.72 / $ 72.06

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