Alcone Mini: Building Instructions

Alcone Mini

The Mini's cabinet may be built either from solid 25 mm MDF or multiplex board. As a result the Alcone cabinet shows an enormous rigidity, without having additional internal bracing.

The edges of the cabinet's baffle should be slanted or rounded.

The recess depth for the tweeter should be 3 mm or 6 mm, in which case 2 layers of sealing tape or 3 mm cardboard should be used.

The cabinet should be damped with half a pack of polyester fleece, to be placed in the centre.

Alcone Mini: Crossover

The crossover components should be either hot glued onto a wooden board or attached with cable fasteners and wired afterwards. Alcone Mini Frequenzweiche

If a valve amp is being used we recommend to adjust the impedance by installing a serial resonant circuit with the following components:
- 10 Ohm MOX 10 resistor (brown-black-black),
- 0,68 mH air-core coil, 0,7 mm
- 22 μF electrolytic capacitor, smooth
All components need to be connected in series, the two ends will be connected to the loudspeaker terminals.

Alcone Mini description