Purus: Building Instruction

The cabinet should be built using either 19mm MDF or multiplex board. For further quietening of the cabinet 2 mm Bitumex boards may be used; however, we believe that's not necessary.

bag of polyester damping material should be loosely stuffed into the cabinet. The remaining polyester fleece should be placed above the brace, ensuring that the bass reflex tube remains uncovered.Purus

Purus: Crossover

The crossover components should be either hot glued onto a wooden board or attached with cable fasteners and wired afterwards. If requested, the components could also be mounted on a universal PCB. In this case the components ends should be fed through the holes of the PCB and soldered on the other side.Purus

We wish you lots of fun with this terrific loudspeaker. Should you have any questions please give us a call: +49 721 970 3724.

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