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Frequency response

The frequency response is good. It's not smoothed (some manufacturers a smoothed curve over half an octave or an entire one) and flat. At 7.5 kHz there is a slight unevenness. Frequenzgang Simon
The following diagram shows the sound pressure depending on the dispersion angle, at 0, 15 and 30 degrees from the main direction. Also here, the frequency response is flat. Frequenzgang Simon

Decay spectrum/waterfall spectrum

The waterfall spectrum indicates whether the speaker has any unwanted resonance. In this case the peak is repeated over several lines to the front. The Simon doesn't show any resonance, the speaker's decay is quick. Wasserfalldiagramm Simon

waterfall spectrum

Impedance response

For valve amps the Simon's impedance may be smoothed. The left area shows that the resonance of the bass reflex tube is at approx. 50 Hz, the resonance of the Tangband driver at approx. 120 Hz.

At 1.5 to 2 kHz the speaker is highly resistive, since the Tangband shows here a high efficiency. As a result little power is needed; that's the reason why the crossover has a high input impedance. Impedanz Simon
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