Studio 12 XL

The 2 way bass reflex Studio 12 XL is equipped with the excellent ScanSpeak 15 W 4531 G Revelator bass driver and the top ScanSpeak R2904/7000-12x9 tweeter.

In order to achieve an optimum peak response, the baffle is tilted backwards by 10 degrees. In conjunction with a relatively flat crossover this results in a more three-dimensional and precise sound reproduction.

Studio 12 XL

Technical data of the Studio 12:

  • size (HxWxD): 33 x 19 x 40.2 cm
  • power handling (continuous/programme): 60/100 Watt
  • average SPL: 82 dB (1W/1m)
  • frequency response (-8dB): 48 Hz - over the entire range
  • impedance: 6 Ohm

The kit contains:

  • 1 x D 2904/7000-12x9 tweeter
  • 1 x 15W 4531 G Revelator bass driver
  • 1 x crossover
  • 1 x twin flared reflex tube
  • 1 x Speakon terminal
  • 1 x damping material, wool fleece
  • 1 x damping material, felt mat
  • 28 x Torx screws
  • description, building instruction and warranty card

Order No. scan12sl, price per pair (without cabinet) - not available

Studio 12 XL with high-end crossover

Surcharge for 2 x cfc14 coils for the bass driver and 4 Carbon resistors
(available only with the kit) EUR 35,10 excl. VAT: € 29.50 / $ 30.97

Studio 12 XL accessory

Matching plugs NL 4 FC for the Speakon terminal EUR 8,96 excl. VAT: € 7.53 / $ 7.91 per unit
upon request standard terminal (no surcharge)
Multiplex cabinet upon request.

Excerpt of the review by Klang+Ton 3/2006

... "The speakers placed on stands away from the walls, we started our test with some pop and blues. The first few bars surprised us already with an astonishingly full bass and excellent three-dimensionality coming from a relatively compact speaker. With eyes closed we imagined to listen to fully grown, floor standing speakers. Without any doubt, it wasn't just a boost in the upper bass region, pretending full and rich bass, it was real low bass. Drums and bass were handled by the Studio with such power and precision, we never expected to come from two 15 inch drivers.

Vocals just showed how well balanced the Studio is, projecting each voice with the correct timbre and actual size. The almost holographic imaging also helped to generate an unimagined realism. The flat crossover points and the phase correction due to the tilted baffle really paid off. Cymbals, triangles and similar instruments were depicted with attention to detail and in balance, as it can only be done by top tweeters. On the other hand, the Studio didn't overemphasise details, spoiling the long term listening pleasure. The Studio accomplished with ease the tightrope walk between attention to detail and long term listening ability, something that can only be achieved by a few speakers. When the music got heavier and louder the speaker surprised us again - the sound became just louder. It might sound trivial, but exactly this is a task that can hardly be mastered by most compact loudspeakers. Sooner or later they reach their limitation, the bass gets soft, the vocals get scratchy and the cymbals get harsh. The Studio, however, remained in total control, even at higher volumes. The quality of drivers used and their lack of distortion are certainly the main reason for this. Sure, this speaker also has limitations, they are, however, much higher than compared to similar speakers. The Studio 12 XL is one of the very few speakers that show excellence in all aspects. It's a speaker perfectly suited for demanding connoisseurs who like to listen to music in longer sessions but still prefer smaller speakers, without having to put up with their disadvantages. Like almost no other compact speaker the Studio combines three-dimensionality with a well balanced sound, excellent power handling and long term listening ability."

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