Visaton Subwoofer SUB T25.30

Sub T25.30
Technical data
- impedance: 8 Ohm
- sensivity (2,83V/1m): 87 dB
- size (HxWxD): 400 x 324 x 400 mm
- frequency range (-10dB): 32-.. Hz
- crossover frequency(s): -
- speaker type: bass reflex

The SUB T25.30 is available with or without amplifier module. This sub is a solid low bass specialist. The somewhat larger Sub T25.50 produces clearly more bass and is, therefore, suited for larger rooms where low frequencies are not disturbing.

The SUB T25.30 shows the following characteristics:

Technical data:

The Visaton SUB T25.30 kit contains:

  • the TIW 250 XS bass driver, 8 Ohm
  • one terminal ST 77 or T105
  • 1.5 bags polyester damping material
  • 6x Allen wood screws 5 x 30 mm
  • 4x screws 3.5 x 25 mm
  • cable 2x 2.5 mm2
  • Description and building instruction
Picture: Frequency response and impedance curve of Sub T25.30

The plan of the cabinet.

Order No. str-t2530,   Price for one subwoofer kit (without amplifier and without cabinet):   EUR 344,00 excl. VAT: € 289.08 / $ 312.20

Visaton subwoofer SUB T25.30 kit with amplifier module Mivoc AM80 MK II

Mivoc AM 80

The subwoofer is available with different amplifier modules. If you are looking for a solid but not very expensive module we recommend Mivoc AM 80.

technical data of Mivoc AM 80 MK II:
- output: 80/160 Watt into 4 Ohm
- cut-off frequency: adjustable 50-150 Hz, 12 db/oct

Subwoofer module Mivoc AM 80 MK II is a module with gain control, cut-off frequency control and phase inversion switch. RCA sockets (to connect to pre-amp out) and binding posts (to connect to the main amp) are available. The satellites may be looped through the module. Required cut-out see description of the module.

The Visaton SUB T25.30 kit contains:

Required cut-out for the amplifier see description of the module


Order No. str-t2530-am80,   Price for one subwoofer kit with amplifier AM80 (without cabinet):   EUR 438,00 excl. VAT: € 368.07 / $ 397.51

The T25.30 kit with other amplifier modules

Upon request we also supply the Sub T25.30 with amplifier modules by Hypex or other manufacturers. Please enquire.

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