Subwoofer Kit SPH-380/BR (redesigned 2016)

Enormous subwoofer for home cinema with deep, powerful bass

- size (HxWxD): 57x42x50 cm
- impedance: 8 Ohm (2 x 4 Ohm)
- sensitivity: 91.5 dB
- output with DT 300: 180 Watt/8 Ohm
- max. SPL (1m): 113 dB
- frequency range (-8dB): from 28 Hz
SPH-380 TC

If a very powerful subwoofer - in a cabinet that is not too big - is required, we must remember that this subwoofer has to move lots of air as well. The SPH-380 TC is quite capable of doing that with a peak linear displacement volume of 960 cm3 (diaphragm surface area x voice coil overhang).

The driver features a twin voice coil with 2 x 4 Ohm, a power handling of 500 Watt RMS and was tuned for use with a small cabinet.

The picture below, left shows how the subwoofer performs in a bass reflex and in a closed cabinet version. The closed cabinet version shows a clearly more accurate bass - but without going that low. The maximum sound pressure level at lower frequencies, however, is considerably higher when using the bass reflex version (in our example the sub is optimally tuned for bass reflex).

verschiedene Abstimmungen simuliert mit Boxcalc und an den gemessenen Frequenzgang angepasst Monacor SPH-380TC
Audaphon AMP-24 The bass reflex version is standard according to textbook (Hoge). The subwoofer achieves then 28 Hz resp. 36 Hz (-8 resp. -3 dB). Just try both version (it's easy to close the bass reflex port). If you prefer the closed cabinet version we'll gladly supply the decade resistors for more low bass (or you correct the frequency response with the integrated digital signal processor).

The low bass properties of Audaphon AMP-24 with digital signal processor and two power amplifiers, which are used in bridged mode are adjustable. We recommend, however, to use the neutral setting first. We believe it's the best setting for low bass.

The plate amplifier provides:

Additional information on digital signal processors (DSP): what is a DSP?, Tuning according to room conditions and Examples Of DSP use (e.g. in subwoofers).

The SPH-380/BR kit contains:
- 1 x Monacor SPH-380 TC bass driver
- 1 x Audaphon AMP-24
- 1 x mat N25 napped foam
- 8 x Allen wood screws 4x25
- building instruction

Price of bass reflex version SPH-380/BR without cabinet: - not available (_)

Building Instructions (in German language)

Kit subwoofer SPH-380/BR with amplifier module Mivoc AM80 MK II

Mivoc AM 80

If you don't need very loud sound reproduction, and if you don't need a digital signal processor, we recommend the amplifier Mivoc AM 80 MK II.

Technical data of Mivoc AM 80:
- output: 80/160 Watt into 4 Ohm
- cut-off frequency: adjustable 50-150 Hz, 12 db/oct

Subwoofer module Mivoc AM 80 is a module with gain control, cut-off frequency control and phase inversion switch. RCA sockets (to connect to pre-amp out) and binding posts (to connect to the main amp) are available. The satellites may be looped through the module. Required cut-out see description of the module.

Order No. str-b-sph380-am80,   Price for one subwoofer kit with amplifier AM80 (without cabinet):   EUR 584,00 excl. VAT: € 490.76 / $ 530.02 Home