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Technical data
- size (HxWxD): 104 x 19 x 37 cm
- rated impedance: 3 Ohm
- sensitivity: 88 dB (2.83V/1m)
- frequency range (-8dB): 34-28000Hz
- speaker type: transmission line
Temperance aus Test K+T 4/2006 The finished loudspeaker featured Stereo 3/2006 (page 60, price per pair 4400 EUR) is now available as a kit at an affordable price. The kit contains the same drivers as the finished speaker.

Looking at the Temperance it becomes clear that this speaker is produced industrially: simple and carefully thought out solutions by Harald Hecken and a cabinet that is easy to assemble despite many parts. This plus high quality crossover components result in an excellent sound reproduction.

The latest Temperance version is equipped with a tweeter Scan Speak D2604-833000 (new 9/2016) that improves the sound quality quite considerably. Midrange Newtronics M17-4 and three bass drivers Newtronics BM17-8 have high quality die cast baskets.

The kit for a pair of speakers contains:

- 2 Scan Speak D2604-833000 (ab 9/2016)
- 2 Newtronics M17-4, 18 cm midrange drivers
- 6 Newtronics BM17-8, 18 cm bass drivers
- 2 terminals with gold plated brass binding posts
- 6 mats damping material
- the crossover kits
- screws for drivers and terminals
- 12 metres cable 2x2.5 mm2
- the building instruction
The high-end crossover kit contains per speaker:
- i-point coil 6.8 mH, 0.44 Ohm
- air core coil 0.68 mH, 1.4 mm
- air core coil 0.39 mH, 0.7 mm
- Mundorf 15 uF MKP capacitor/400 V
- Mundorf 6.8 uF MKP capacitor/400 V
- 3x MOX10 resistors with 1.8 Ohm each

Temperance III kit without cabinet,
price per pair: - not available

Temperance Building Instruction

Temperance III with high-end crossover

The crossover components described earlier are considerably above the avarage quality for top notch speaker (the capacitors are so-called audiophiles by Mundorf ). For those of you who want someting even better, we have selected the best components available:
The high-end crossover kit contains per speaker:
- 6.8 mH Mundorf CFC12 foil coil with 0.52 Ohm
- 0.68 mH Mundorf CFC16 foil coil with 0.26 Ohm
- 0.39 mH baked varnish coil 0.7 mm
- Mundorf 15 uF MKP capacitor/400 V
- 6.8 uF Mundorf MCAP Supreme silver/gold capacitor/800 V
- 3 x MOX10 resistors with 1.8 Ohm each (brown-grey-gold)

Temperance high-end kit without cabinet - not available

Temperance Building Instruction

Please note:
due to the four midrange and bass drivers configured in parallel we recommend to use a solid high current amplifier, since the Temperance's impedance at low frequencies falls below 3 Ohm.