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temperance aus Test K+T 4/2006

The highly acclaimed finished loudspeaker with new tweeter as in Stereo 2/2006 (page 60, EUR4400 per pair) is now available as an affordable kit. The kit contains the same drivers as the finished speaker and was described and reviewed in Klang+Ton:

Review by Klang+Ton 4/2006:

"Like secretly anticipated the Newtronics driven loudspeakers displayed an enormously forceful bass. But that was not due to a feint attack on the upper bass range as done by so many poor speakers, to cover up low bass flaws. Here, four 17 cm drivers per speaker proved that they are capable of producing real and tight bass without any showmanship. Bass drums are reproduced precisely and without any booming - even some older Temperance aus Test K+T 4/2006 AC/DC records, not really good examples of recording excellence, become enjoyable again. The midrange remains uncoloured, but always present. Vocals tend to be rather bright than too voluminous, a characteristic that helps to reproduce music material of all genres. On axis the high frequencies are distinct, but - if desired - an off axis positioning may provide a level decrease. Due to the excellent omni-directional properties these variations are comprehensible at any given time. Likewise, the Temperance performs extremely well with classical music at lower levels. The minimal loudness character of the amplitude in the diagram ensures that no musical information even at lower level is missing. The speaker and the audience really have fun when jazz, especially combo is being played. The tweeters are showing a top form and display the infinite touch varieties of the different drum components with lifelike dynamics. At the opposite side of the frequency range the double bass is equally authentic, sounding threatening at times and then again as light as a feather despite its immense low bass. Soloists stay exactly there where have been assigned to, the precise depiction of depth and width is a piece of cake for the temperance."

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