Todo Duelund   Floorstanding as in K+T 2/2019

Technical data
  • impedance: 4 Ohm
  • sensivity (2,83V/1m): 87 dB
  • size (HxWxD): 992 x 410 x 307 mm
  • frequency range (-8dB): 25 - 25000 Hz
  • crossover frequency(s): 110, 1950 Hz
  • speaker type: closed box

Todo Duelund is a three way floorstanding speaker.

Todo Duelund is a closed-cabinet loudspeaker with drivers of ScanSpeak .

In the Duelund version of the Todo Kit is used in series to the tweeter very high quality capacitors from Duelund. The parallel coil from the tweeter and the coil in series to the midrange are very high quality coils from Duelund.

The kit is delivered with the following drivers:
- a ScanSpeak D3004/6640-00 tweeter
- a ScanSpeak 18WU-4741T00 mids driver
- a ScanSpeak 32W/4878T00 woofer

The loudspeaker has been developed by Holger Barske, Thomas Schmidt and Christian Gather.

The crossover consists of:
- a 3rd order high-pass filter (18 dB per octave slope) for the tweeter.
- a band pass consisting of a 2nd order high pass filter (12 dB per octave slope) and a 2nd order low-pass filter (12 dB per octave slope) for the mids-woofer.
- a 2nd order low-pass filter (12 dB per octave slope) for the woofer.

The frequency response of this speaker is perfectly linear.

The decay spectrum as shown in the waterfall diagram is exemplary, free of any disturbing resonance.

At low volume, i.e. 85 dB at 1 m, the nonlinear distortions are below 0,3% above 300 Hz and doesn't exceed 0,8% at 95 dB at 1 m between 300 Hz and 10000 Hz. That is quite splendid.

Our kit consists of

  • ScanSpeak Illuminator D3004/6640-00, beryllium,1/2 package
  • ScanSpeak Midrange 18WU4741T00 4Ohm
  • ScanSpeak Woofer 32W/4878T00
  • 0,5x PE sealing tape, 5x2 mm, 7.5 m
  • 5x Damping Sonofil 100 x 35 cm for 20 litres
  • Bi-wiring Terminal T122 Au with brass, gold plated
  • 4m Speaker cable 2x1.5 mm2, transparent
  • Pan screws 3.5x17 black, cross recess, 8 pieces
  • 2x Pan screws 4x20 black, cross recess, 8 pieces
  • Plan for DIY kit

the crossover components (right),
to be mounted on a small wooden board.

  • Duelund CAST Cu Capacitor 4,7 µF
  • Duelund CAST Cu Capacitor 18 µF
  • ClarityCap ESA capacitor 150 μF / 250 Vdc
  • Audaphon MKP CAP Superior 18 μF / 400 Vdc
  • Audaphon MKT CAP 33 μF / 160 Vdc
  • Electrolytic capacitor, etched 330 μF / 100 V
  • 2x electrolytic capacitor, etched, 680 μF/63 Vdc
  • Duelund CAST PIO Coil 12AWG 0,27 mH
  • Duelund CAST PIO Coil 12AWG 1,0 mH
  • Mundorf baked varnish air core coil BL125, 6.8 mH/1,17 Ohm
  • Mundorf baked varnish air core coil BL100, 2.7 mH/0.9 Ohm
  • Mundorf bs125 core coil 8.2mH/0.41Ohm
  • Mundorf H core coil H100, 15 mH/0.83 0hm
  • Metal-oxide resistor, 10W 1.0 Ohm (brown-black-gold)
  • Metal-oxide resistor, 10W 1.8 Ohm (brown-grey-gold)
  • Metal-oxide resistor, 10W 2.2 Ohm (red-red-gold)
  • Metal-oxide resistor, 10W 4.7 Ohm (yellow-violet-gold)
  • Metal-oxide resistor, 10W 5.6 Ohm (green-blue-gold)

Kit without cabinet, price per speaker   on request

Impedance correction

If you want to use a valve amplifier with this speaker an impedance correction should be employed. In this case the component quality is less important; therefore, we offer only one kit (upon request higher quality components are available).

Price per impedance correction for one speaker, to be mounted on a small wooden board.     EUR 8,40 excl. VAT: € 7.06 / $ 7.55

universal PCB

If you prefer to mount the crossover components on a universal PCB instead on wood
PCB 150x115 mm, tin plated, price per unit:   EUR 4,70 excl. VAT: € 3.95 / $ 4.23
We recommend three boards per kit (6 boards per speaker pair)

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