Transmissionline MK2 published in Hobby HiFi 1/2009

Fuzzy Transmissionline
Technical data:
- size (HxWxD): 96.5 x 18.4 x 35 cm
- impedance: 8 Ohm
- crossover frequency: 2.2 kHz
- sensitivity: 86 dB (2.83V/1m)
- frequency range (-3dB): 40 - 20000 Hz

The goal of many transmissionline designs is to have the typical bass but avoiding the inherent high frequency shortcomings of this type of loudspeaker. The main problem is a phase shift in the tops causing exaggerations and cancellations depending on frequency. The Fuzzy Transmissionline is a new concept by Bernd Timmermanns.

The Fuzzy Transmissionline consists of one transmissionline tube that shows many but small directional changes. The lower frequencies hardly notice the obstacles since the wavelength of lower frequencies is longer than the dimensions of the directional changes, allowing the bass to travel through the tube without much interference; the speaker performs like a transmissionline. Due to their shorter wavelength the high frequencies are blocked by the numerous turns; the negative characteristics of a transmissionline are almost entirely eliminated.

There is another positive aspect: the construction requirements remain modest, simply because four small rectangular wooden boards are used to assemble the tube (pictured below right).

The speaker is equipped with an Audaphon TWS 25/6 tweeter showing &quoT;according to Hobby HiFi lab results&quoT; an extremely flat frequency response between 2 and 20 kHz (91 dB +/-1.5 dB).

In the recent MK2 version the tweeter has been replaced by Seas TWS 27-6. TWS 27-6 is without ferrofluid to reduce damping.

For bass a Mission CP 168 is being used; hence the name Transmissionline.Fuzzy Transmissionline

Review in Hobby HiFi 1/2009

"In our listening room the TransMISSIONline immediately showed her remarkable virtues: we have never experienced such a low, tight and fat bass from a 20 Euro bass driver. And above all: this bass doesn't perform a solo but fits in seamlessly with the particularly clear and realistic sound. Vocals are stunning, displaying such a clearly defined body you would expect from a much higher priced speaker. The textile dome tweeter surprises with tremendous clarity and attention to detail; it certainly doesn't show the delicate resolution of a magnetostat or a ribbon, but honour to whom honour is due, especially when considering the price. The three-dimensionality, too, is more than just appealing, a fact we would have expected from a 1.000 Euro design but not necessarily from an alluringly priced 200 Euro speaker. Even at higher volumes the depth and width of the sound stage remains intact. Only when extreme levels are reached, and that could occasionally happen in view of the small bass driver, the harsher and narrowing sound requires a slight reduction in volume."

Verdict in the magazine

"The Fuzzy project turned out to be an astounding success, and even more: beyond the new and extremely well performing bass concept, the TransMISSIONline offers a flawless and well balanced sound. This reasonably priced design pulls off an acoustic result equalling a finished speaker at more than 1.000 Euro."

Our kit contains

- Tweeter Seas TWS 27-6 (without ferrofluid)
- Bass driver Mission CP 168
- a terminal with gold plated brass binding posts
- 2 bags damping material
- self-adhesive sealing tape
- 12 PAN screws 3.5 x 17
- 2.5 metres loudspeaker cable 2x1.5 mm2
- a PCB RA 140 for
  mounting the crossover components (right)
- the building instruction
1.8 mH ferrite core coil < 0.3 Ohm
- 1.8 mH pin core coil, 0.8 Ohm
- 0.47 mH air core coil, 0.7 mm
- 15 μF ELCO, non-etched
- 15 μF ELCO, etched
- 5.6 μF MKP foil capacitor
- 15 Ohm MOX4 resistor (brown-green-black)
- 3.9 Ohm MOX10 resistor (orange-white-gold)
- 10 Ohm MOX4 resistor (brown-black-black)

Please note:
our standard kit contains already some components listed in the high-end suggestion of Hobby HiFi – the metal oxide resistors (MOX) and the MKP capacitor in series to the tweeter.

Price for TransMISSIONline per speaker without cabinet - not available

TransMISSIONline High-End version

Our high-end version comprises two large Damping 10 mats instead of polyester fleece, providing an additional calming effect to the cabinet walls.

High grade components (standard components in italic):

- 1.8 mH air core coil with 1.4 mm wire
- 1.8 mH pin core coil, 0.8 Ohm
- 0.47 mH air core coil, 0.7 mm
- 15 μF MKP foil capacitor
- 15 μF ELCO, non-etched
- 5.6 μF MKP foil capacitor
- 15 Ohm MOX4 resistor (brown-green-black)
- 3.9 Ohm MOX10 resistor (orange-white-gold)
- 10 Ohm MOX4 resistor (brown-black-black)

Price for High-End version per speaker without cabinet - not available

TransMISSIONline with Mundorf top notch crossover

Those who want to top the high-end should go for the Mundorf version; like the high-end this one comes with Damping 10.
- 1.8 mH cfc14 copper foil coil
- 1.8 mH air core coil / 0.7 mm
- 0.47 mH baked varnish air core coil / 0.7 mm
- 15 μF Mundorf MKP audiophile CAP
- 15 μF Mundorf MKP audiophile CAP
- 5.6 μF Mundorf MCAP Supreme capacitor
- 15 Ohm MOX4 resistor (brown-green-black)
- 3.9 Ohm MOX10 resistor (orange-white-gold)
- 10 Ohm MOX4 resistor (brown-black-black)

Price for version with Mundorf crossover per speaker without cabinet - not available

Impedance Correction

To connect this speaker to a valve amp the following additional components are needed:

- 0.68 mH air core coil, 0.7 mm
- 15 μF ELCO, non-etched
- 8.2 Ohm, 20 Watt

Price for impedance correction per speaker EUR 10,70 excl. VAT: € 8.99 / $ 9.62

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