V8 Motor as in Klang+Ton 1/2008

V8-Motor K+T 1/2008
Technical data
- size (HxWxD): approx. 70 x 70 x70 cm
- impedance: 4 Ohm
- sensitivity (2.83V/1m): 88 dB
- crossover frequencies: 120 Hz, 2 kHz
- frequency range (-8dB): 33-20 000 Hz
- speaker type: 3 way
V8 Motor is a loudspeaker that looks totally different. This speaker was already exhibited at the HiFi Music World in 2007.

Those of you who want to have a loudspeaker that doesn't look like one, and a centre of attraction for technique freaks, that could be the V8 Motor.

The following drivers are used in the V8 Motor:
- Tang Band 25-1414 SC tweeter,
- two W4-657B mid / bass drivers and
- 8 x Tang Band W5-876SA

Excerpt of the review by Klang+Ton 1/2008:
"Very rarely did we receive so many comments by colleagues who came into our listening room to listen to the V8 during the run-in period. The verdict was unanimous: "Better than we expected!" Sure, they know we are capable of building a good sounding speaker. But there was quite a bit of scepticism in the run-up, like "this is just a show piece without any relation to reality". These doubts were dispelled quickly. As a first test the speakers were auditioned without any bass support and the sound was certainly thin. The accentuation of the lower mids and the adjacent drop resulted, however, already in an earthy, full and relaxed sound. The tweeters became quite a bit more relaxed during an extended run-in time. There was no lack of brilliance and clarity, the tweeters were only waiting for the required bass support. But only with sixteen bass drivers the sound was cohesive and absolutely enjoyable. Typical for speakers with a dip in the mid frequencies, they could be driven with high volumes without experiencing ringing ears. The overall sound was big, spacious and colourful, not always telling the truth, but providing a lot of fun at any volume and reproducing any music material. And to satisfy different needs the bass can be adjusted from thin to fat." ...
Our kit consists of:

  • Tang Band 25-1414 SC tweeter
  • two Tang Band W4-657B mid / bass drivers
  • eight Tang Band W5-876SA
  • 44 PAN screws 3.5 x 17 mm
  • 2 binding posts PK-31 AU
    brass, gold plated
  • sealing tape
  • 8 bass reflex tubes Streamline 45
  • 2 packs (4 mats) polyester fleece
  • 10 m cable 2 x1.5 mm2
  • crossover components
    see right column
  • Klang+Ton building instruction

    • 1x universal PCB 150x115 mm
    • 8.2 mH core coil / 0.65 Ohm
    • 1.00 mH air core coil / 1.0 mm
    • 0.39 mH air core coil / 0.7 mm
    • 220 μF ELCO, etched
    • 1 μF MKP/400V
    • 15 μF ELCO, non-etched
    • 3.3 μF MKP/400V
    • 3.9 Ohm MOX10 resistor (orange-white-gold)

    Price per V8 Motor kit without cabinet per unit: - not available

    Important note: Further parts are needed, available at hardware stores:
    - 8 gutter pipe bends 72° 100 mm,
    - 1 x sewerage pipe 125 mm,
    - one extension (orange)
    - 4 castors for 40 kg,
    - 40 x M10x90 (mm) screws with small washers and hexagon nuts

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