Das Viech       as in Klang+Ton 6/2005

Das Viech aus Klang+Ton 6/2005
Technical data:
- impedance: 8 Ohm
- nominal SPL (2.83V/1m): 92 dB
- frequency range (-8dB): 60-20 000 Hz
- crossover frequency: -
- size (HxWxD): 110 x 29 x 50 cm
- back loaded exponential horn
Das Viech (in English: The Beast) is a back loaded exponential horn by Berndt Burghard (also called Cyburgs on the Web) equipped with a Beyma 8ag/n full range driver.

To achieve a flatter frequency response a wave trap is added.

Our kit contains:

the Beyma 8ag/n full range driver
- half a Pack Polyester Dämmstoff
- a quater of a pack of Soft polyurethane foam
- a circular spring loaded terminal
- 1.5 metre cable 2x1,5 mm2
- 8 x screws Pan 8
- building instruction by Klang+Ton
The crossover components, to be mounted on wood:
- 8.2 μF MKP capacitor/400V
- 0.33 mH air core coil with 0.7 mm diameter
- 2.2 Ohm MOX10 resistor (red-red-gold)

Excerpt of the K+T 6/2005 review:
..."After a few CD tracks we removed the wave trap as a try, achieving a sound with more presence that seemed to be better. "Wait a minute, I'll grab a valve amp!" said the LP guy and minutes later carted a formidable contender into the listening room. Due to its high efficiency Das Viech made contact without any problem and showed a somewhat more balanced sound compared with the transistor."....
..."This configuration, however, didn't prove to be universal, some tracks just wouldn't click. Here the wave trap was one step ahead again. The colleagues that entered the listening room now and then, were quite impressed by The Beast's qualities, especially when the price was mentioned."

Order No. str-viech, price per unit (without cabinet)   - not available

Das Viech, our high-end version

Our high-end version contains:
- a circular terminal with gold plated brass binding posts
- 2 metre 2x2.5 mm silver plated copper wire Inakustik Premium LS Silver 2x 2.5 mm2
- a 0.33 mH baked varnish coil with 0.9 mm
- a Mundorf 8.2 μF/400V MCAP capacitor

Order No. str-viech-he, price per unit (without cabinet)   - not available

If you prefer to make up the kit yourself:
Price of the just the Beyma 8ag/n full range driver with 8 Ohm: - not available

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