Vision B80 FAST   Floorstanding as in Hobby HiFi 5/2015

Technical data
  • impedance: 6 Ohm
  • sensivity (2,83V/1m): 83 dB
  • size (HxWxD): 1050 x 270 x 420 mm
  • frequency range (-8dB): 20 - 22000 Hz
  • crossover frequency(s): 400 Hz
  • speaker type: bass reflex

Vision B80 FAST is a 2 Way F.A.S.T (Fullrange and subwoofer technology) floorstanding speaker. The kit is delivered with Visaton B80 as fullrange driver and a woofer Visaton TIW 200 XS. Vision B80 FAST has been developed by Bernd Timmermanns.

The crossover consists of a 2nd order high-pass filter (12 dB per octave slope) for the fullrange speaker and a 2rd order low-pass filter for the woofer. In parallel to the woofer an absorption circuit and an impedance correction circuit is arranged which correct the frequency characteristics.

Till 5000 Hz, the frequency response of the loudspeaker is very linear. The decay spectrum is nearls without fault.

Our kit consists of

  • Visaton B 80
  • Visaton woofer TIW 200 XS, 8 Ohm
  • Bass reflex tube BR25.50, black
  • 6,5x Damping fleece MT Bondum 800 (30 x 50 x 2 cm)
  • 2,5x Damping Sonofil for 20 litres, white
  • PE sealing tape MDM-5, 5x2 mm, 5 pieces 1.5 m
  • Binding Post PK31, gold plated (one pair, red and black)
  • 2,5m Speaker cable 2x2.5 mm2, transparent
  • 1,5x Pan screws 4x20 black, cross recess, 8 pieces

the crossover components (right),
to be mounted on a small wooden board.
  • Audaphon MKP CAP Superior 6.8 μF / 400 Vdc
  • electrolytic capacitor, etched, 33 μF/100 Vdc
  • electrolytic capacitor, etched, 68 μF/100 Vdc
  • electrolytic capacitor, etched, 330 μF/63 Vdc
  • electrolytic capacitor, unetched, 33uF / 70 Vdc
  • 1.0 mm air core coil, 3.9 mH/1.13 Ohm
  • Mundorf H core coil H50, 27 mH/3.4 0hm
  • Mundorf H core coil H71, 4.7 mH/0.46 0hm
  • Metal-oxide resistor, 10W 3.3 Ohm (orange-orange-gold)
  • Metal-oxide resistor, 10W 4.7 Ohm (yellow-violet-gold)
  • 2x Metal-oxide resistor, 10W 8.2 Ohm (grey-red-gold)

Kit without cabinet, price per speaker   EUR 465,00 excl. VAT: € 390.76 / $ 418.11

Kit with high-end crossover

The high-end kit comes with ClarityCap polypropylen (MKP) foil capacitor type PWA and a Mundorf MCAP EVO oil capacitor in series to the fullrange loudspeaker. The inductances are baked varnished coils for minimizing microphonic effects. - The current flow through the coil creates a magnetic field which sets the reel of wire in motion. This motion induces a voltage in the coil which adds itself to the signal. The stiffer the reel of wire is, the less the signal will be altered.

Kit with high-end-crossover without cabinet, price per speaker   EUR 618,00 excl. VAT: € 519.33 / $ 555.68

universal PCB

If you prefer to mount the crossover components on a 240 x 165 mm universal PCB instead on wood:
Universal PCB RA240, order no.. str-RA240, price per unit:   EUR 8,60 excl. VAT: € 7.23 / $ 7.73
We recommend one board per kit (two boards for a speaker pair)

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