Wavesat 118 as in Hobby HiFi 6/2008

Wavesat 118 aus Hobby HiFi 5/2008
Technical data:
- size (HxWxD): 22 x 13.8 x 16 cm
- impedance: 8 Ohm
- sensitivity (2.83V/1m): 82 dB
- crossover frequency: 125 Hz, 3 kHz
- frequency range (-3dB): 120 - 30000 Hz
  ... in conjunction with Wavesub 178 (-3dB): 30 - 30000 Hz
- speaker type: sealed cabinet
This miniature shelf speaker, introduced by Hobby HiFi as CC86 comprises Wavecor drivers. The kit contains the Wavecor TW030 WA01 textile dome tweeter and the WF118 WA02 paper coned bass driver. The frequency response absolute flat from 30 Hz (with subwoofer) to 30 kHz at +/- 1 dB; the waterfall spectrum is exemplary and the harmonic distortion is low.

Considering these characteristics the Wavesat 118 is certainly one of the kits with outstanding price / performance ratio.

Excerpt from the review in Hobby HiFi 6/2008

Listening test in conjunction with subwoofer Wavesub 178: ... "they really sound like grown-up floorstanders. Not only the low bass but also the completely seamless transition from sub to sat and the clarity and tightness of the bass captivates the audience. The Wavecor trio shapes an impressive and realistic stage, with musicians that perform within reach. The stage shows a remarkable depth and width where the players are positioned with absolute precision. Particularly amazing: the Oscar Peterson Trio with "We Get Requests", a legendary recording from 1964. Ray Brown plays crazy solos on his double bass, and the huge instrument is realistically placed far to the right just behind the baseline. The fact that the subwoofer is situated somewhere else is immaterial: it just cannot be located at all. It's the job of the sats to provide three-dimensionality. Sure, the soundstage collapses when the sub is switched-off. That's the fairly known psycho-acoustic effect: suddenly our brain has to imagine the bass and there is insufficient processing power left for simulating room conditions. The main reason for the incredible sound stage built by the sub / sat system is the extremely extended frequency range. The only thing that doesn't work is higher volumes. The law of physics cannot be fooled. Low bass at higher volumes requires long bass driver excursion, and they are limited. At moderate levels, however, this speaker team provides everything imaginable.

Tiny loudspeakers with a big sound; this popular request is complied with flying colours." ...

Our kit contains:

- Wavecor TW030 WA01 fabric dome tweeter
- Wavecor WF118 WA02 bass driver.

- a rectangular terminal
  with gold plated brass binding posts
- 1/2 mat damping fleece
- 8 PAN screws 4x20
- 1.5 metre loudspeaker cable 2x1.5 mm2

- a PCB RA140 for
  mounting the crossover components (right)

- building instruction

- 1.5 mH ferrite core coil
- 4.7 mH ferrite core coil, 2.3 Ohm
- 2.7 mH ferrite core coil, 1.2 Ohm
- 0.33 mH air core coil, 0.7 mm
- 0.18 mH air core coil, 0.7 mm
- 150 μF ELCO, etched
- 8.2 μF ELCO, non-etched
- 6.8 μF ELCO, non-etched
- 3.3 μF MKP capacitor
- 0.47 μF MKP capacitor
- 3.3 Ohm MOX4 (orange-orange-gold)
- 10 Ohm MOX4 (red-red-gold)
- 8.2 Ohm MOX4 (grey-red-gold)
- 5.6 Ohm MOX4 (green-blue-gold)
- 1.5 Ohm MOX4 (brown-green-gold)

Price for Wavesat 118 kit per speaker without cabinet: EUR 294,00 excl. VAT: € 247.06 / $ 264.35

Please note: Our standard kit (above) contains already the metal oxide resistors of the high-end version as in Hobby HiFi.

High-end version as in Hobby HiFi

In line with the Hobby HiFi recommendation we suggest the following crossover components. The standard components are in italic.
- 1.5 mH air core coil with 1.4 mm wire
- 4.7 mH ferrite core coil, 2.3 Ohm
- 2.7 mH ferrite core coil, 1.2 Ohm
- 0.33 mH air core coil, 0.7 mm
- 0.18 mH air core coil, 0.7 mm
- 150 μF ELCO, non-etched (68+82 μF in parallel)
- 8.2 μF MKP capacitor
- 6.8 μF MKP capacitor
- 3.3 μF MKP capacitor
- 0.47 μF MKP capacitor
- 3.3 Ohm MOX4 (orange-orange-gold)
- 10 Ohm MOX4 (red-red-gold)
- 8.2 Ohm MOX4 (grey-red-gold)
- 5.6 Ohm MOX4 (green-blue-gold)
- 1.5 Ohm MOX4 (brown-green-gold)

Price for Wavesat 118 high-end kit for one speaker without cabinet: EUR 346,00 excl. VAT: € 290.76 / $ 311.11

Our suggestion for a top-class version

To those of you who wish to have an absolute top-class version we recommend the Wavesat High-End 2.

Only high-grade components are used in the signal path:
A Mundorf Silver Oil capacitor with 3.3 μF in the path to the tweeter
In parallel to the tweeter (pull circuitry) a baked varnish coil with 0.18 mH
In series to the bass driver an MKP 68 μF and an ELCO 82 μF capacitor (both in parallel)
The coil in the signal path is a cfc16 with 1.5 mH. All other components are the same as in the High-End version.

Price for the Wavesat 118 high-end 2 kit for one speaker without cabinet: EUR 478,00 excl. VAT: € 401.68 / $ 429.80

The subwoofer

Suitable for all three version is the Wavesub 178 with or without amplifier

For high power handling: Mivoc AM 80 MK II EUR 366,00 excl. VAT: € 307.56 / $ 329.09
For low bass: Hypex DS 1.2 - not available
For adjustable DIP switches: Detonation DT 80 - not available

Impedance correction for valve amps

If you wish to drive this speaker with a valve amplifier we recommend the following impedance correction, to be mounted together with the crossover components. The correction consists of three components:
- 0.39 mH air core coil, 0.7 mm
- 15 μF ELCO, non-etched
- 10 Ohm MOX4 (brown-black-black)

Price for impedance correction for one speaker: EUR 9,40 excl. VAT: € 7.90 / $ 8.45

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