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ein MKP-Kondensator, zur in-Serie-Schaltung mit hochwertigen HochtönernCapacitors come in many different quality grades. To help you to determine which capacitor is suitable for a specific application we have put together the table below. Please note: Since these capacitors are bipolar, polarity is of no importance!

Capacitor type
Typical dissipation
(f=1kHz and 20 C)
Size Price Standard application
High-end application
Dielectric medium
electrolytic capacitor, etched 0.08...0.12 small low impedance
    - oxide film
electrolytic capacitor, unetched 0.03...0.05 medium low in parallel to 
bass driver
oxide film
polyester capacitor (MKT):
Audaphon MKT, Monacor Jupiter Red Astron Yellow Vintage
0.005 medium medium in series to
in parallel to
bass driver
polyester foil (PET)
polypropylen capacitor (MKP):
Audaphon MKP Clarity Cap PWA, PX, TC Mundorf MCap, MCap EVO or Jantzen Z-CAP
0.0002...0.0003 large medium in series to 
in series to
in parallel
to woofer
polypropylene (PP)
absolute top capacitors:
Clarity Cap SA, ESA, MR, DTAC, MCap-Supreme, Silver/Gold and
Jantzen Silver, Silver/Gold
0.0002 large high     - polypropylene (PP)
tin foil capacitor:
Audyn Cap KP Sn respectively
0.0002 large high     - polypropylene (PP)
oil capacitors:
RIKE Audio, Jensen, Mundorf, MCap Supreme silver/gold/oil capacitors, MCap EVO Oil and MCap EVO Silver Gold Oil
  large high     -  
apparatus capacitors:
Mundorf M-Lytic
capacitors for amplifiers, which contain a plus- and a minus pole. They are not for crossovers but for tube or transistor amplifiers and power supplies.

The MKT capacitor's dielectric medium is polyester foil. For high-end applications MKP and tin foil capacitors are used, employing polypropylene as dielectric medium. In this case you should have a look at Mundorf MCap Supreme, Supreme Silver/Gold and Clarity Cap PWA, PX, Clarity Cap SA, ESA, MR or even DTAC.  

Brands we distribute

There are many capacitors for crossovers. Here you find a summary of the brands we distribute:
Brand Audaphon Audyn Cap Clarity Cap Jantzen Jensen Jupiter Mundorf Monacor Rike Visaton
electrolytic capacitor, etched - on request - - - - Elko Elko - on request
electrolytic capacitor, unetched - Elko - - - - Elko - - on request
MKT (PET-foil) MKT (MKT) Jupiter Rike - - Jupiter Red Astron Yellow Vintage - MKT - on request
MKP (PP-foil) MKP Superior Q4, QS PWA, PX Cross Cap, Z-Std - - MCap, MCap EVO, RXF MKP - on request
absolute top capacitors - Plus SA, ESA, MR, DTAC Z-Superior, Z-Silver - - MCap -Supreme, Silver/Gold - - -
oil capacitors - - - - diverse - MCap EVO oil, EVO silver gold oil Supreme Silver/Oil, Silver/Gold/Oil, Supreme EVO - Rike -
tin foil capacitor - Sn - - - - MCapZN - - -

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