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Your Car Audio System

Schematisch The drawing on the left shows the audio components in your car. The interconnecting cables are for the signal path only (here you'll find the power supply cabling).

In a simple scenario there is a control unit with integrated amplifier where the loudspeakers are connected to.

The speaker system (front, rear) could also consist of separate tweeters and bass drivers, as well as a crossover.

More sophisticated systems could also include a separate amplifier where the loudspeakers are connected to.

Systems with subwoofer

Quite often only a subwoofer is connected to the separate amp. A sub needs a lot of power and requires - at least for medium sound quality - a separate amplification channel, one reason why sub and amp are often bought as a single unit.

High-end systems

In most high-end systems a separate amp is used for front and rear speakers.

We recommend proven kits with accompanying crossover or sound processor (like Drive, enabling the adjustment of volume, phase and - most importantly - delay. The distance between listener and the individual speakers varies in a car environment. The delay compensates this.

Our Advice

We carry a wide range of car audio products. Focus is, however, on loudspeakers and subwoofers.

For further information just give us a call.

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