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The Loudspeakers

Particularly recommendable are 2 way satellites or coax drivers where high and low frequencies are using two separate diaphragms that are combined in one driver. Other, different sources are more difficult to set-up and need a bit of patience for fitting.

The Subwoofer

Extremely low frequencies may be handled separately since these frequencies cannot be located.

You may simply add, therefore, a subwoofer to your existing loudspeakers; the sub comes with its own amplifier or amplifier channel to ensure volume adjustment to match the satellites.

Since extremely low frequencies cannot be located, it is almost immaterial where the subwoofer is placed.

If you need some help in calculating the correct cabinet size for our subwoofer drivers just send an E-mail to: dennis@lautsprechershop.de.

The Satellites

In the frequency range that can be located by humans (from approx. 150 Hz upwards), the two sound sources and the listener should form an equilateral triangle (as it should be done at home).

The ideal position for the speakers would, therefore, be the front doors or leg area and to left and to the right of the dashboard.

Unlike at home, an equilateral triangle is not possible in a car environment. Therefore, the built-in loudspeakers should create a sound stage in front of the listener.

This sound stage can be created by pointing the loudspeakers towards

Several loudspeaker drivers (tweeter, midrange and midrange / bass driver) need to be aligned in phase and volume. We recommend to use a kit; if you want to do it yourself - adjustments are mainly done on the crossover - you will need quite bit of patience.

Fitting the subwoofer

Subwoofer need to be firmly attached, otherwise they might turn into bullet. Elastic straps will do the job. They usually come with the subwoofer, but you also get them in hard ware stores or from us.


For further information please send an E-mail to: dennis@lautsprechershop.de.

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