LINN® Tuning

Customized Absorber plate LBase for LINN® Turntables LINN LP12 and MAJIK
Complex absorption with different materials on 2 layers:
  • 5 absorber elements under your LINN®
  • 3 high adjustable absorber feet

Simple montage
Absorber base
  • Base material MDF
  • Massive wooden frame
  • Integrated damping with Sorbothane, cork and natural rubber (see below)
  • 3 high adjustable absorber feet (double damping)

Integrated damping under the LINN® with 5 absorbers 4 absorbers under the feet of the LINN®. One absorber central under the base plate of the LINN eliminates the negative vibrations of the often critized labile base plate.


LBase Absorber base for LINN LP12 and MAJIK

Customized Absorber plate LBase for LINN® Turntables LINN® LP12 and MAJIK
The LBase has an double absorption on 2 layers
Layer 1: On the upper side of the LBase an integrated damping with 5 absorbers with Sorbothane, cork, natural rubber. 1 absorber central under the weak base plate of the LINN®, 4 absorber under the feet
Layer 2: 3 high adjustable absorber feet with massiv Aluminium corpus and an integrated damping
Installation: Dismount the original feet of your LINN. 4 replacement screws are enclosed. Place your turntable into the bFly-audio absorber base and your LINN looks like on the pictures.
In the case of Trampolin board you have to remove this and mount the original base plate.

Price per unit   (Order No. bfly-LBase) EUR 329,00 excl. VAT: € 276.47 / $ 295.82