Alcone Sub 20 Definition   Subwoofer as in Newsletter

Technical data
  • impedance: 4 Ohm
  • sensivity (2,83V/1m): 89 dB
  • size (HxWxD): 680 x 340 x 340 mm
  • frequency range (-8dB): 35 - 200 Hz
  • crossover frequency(s): Hz
  • speaker type: closed box

Alcone Sub 20 Definition is a compact high-end subwoofer. Dennis Frank und Daniel Gattig have developed this woofer. Alcone Sub 20 Definition is home to two Alcone AC10 HE woofers and an amplification module.

In a listening test Peter Strassacker found with the smaller Alcone Sub 10 Definition that the 24 cm Alcone AC 10 HE seems to be a perfect woofer. Only few combinations like this could be identified up to now.

Alcone Sub 20 Definition in a housing of dimensions not exceeding 68 x 34 x 34 cm is the medium sized subwoofer of the Definition series. The series consists of:

In Definition subwoofers the loudspeaker(s) are mounted into a closed chamber. This ensures maximum flexibility and precision. The Definition series is optimized for sound quality without compromise.

The Crossover

The subwoofer is equipped with a subwoofer module like Mivoc AM 80 or other modules. Every module contains an adjustable analog filter (active low pass).

The modules are made for the installation into the casing. The amplifier module is located at the rear of the cabinet.

More and more customers are asking for a subwoofer where the cone's oscillation is controlled perfectly, reproducing a low bass and mountable in a small cabinet. We recommend the Definition series.

Our kit consists of

Kit without cabinet,
price per speaker   EUR 407,00 excl. VAT: € 342.02 / $ 369.38

construction plan (PDF)