Visaton Concorde MK III reviewed in Hobby HiFi 5/2007

The 3 way Concorde is a Visaton floorstander kit with quite an attractive design and with the brand new KE 25 SC ceramic dome tweeter. Due to the d'Appolito arrangement where the tweeter is surrounded by the two midrange drivers, the three dimensionality is excellent. By using a sophisticated crossover with timing correction like used by e.g. Dynaudio the tweeter is connected with correct timing. The Concorde is equipped with the latest technology. Therefore, it's a piece of cake for this speaker to reproduce all types of music material faithfully.

The MK III version features a different crossover where the crossover frequency was reduced from 500 Hz to 300 Hz. Also the connection of the tweeter was changed to 18dB/oct. These measures result in a more even sound radiation at different angles, improving the sound especially in less dampened rooms.Visaton Concorde

The absolutely neutral sound as well as the outstanding dynamics turn the floorstanding Concorde MK III into a jack of all trades suitable for any kind of music material.

The Concorde shows the following characteristics:
  • lots of bass due to twin bass drivers
  • slim, beautiful design (height x width x depth): 130 x 27 x 40 cm
  • exemplary accessories and description by Visaton

Technical data:

  • frequency range: 29-25 000 Hz (-8dB, according to Visaton)
  • power handling (rated/continuous): 240 / 300 Watt
  • crossover frequencies: 300 Hz and 2500 Hz
  • average, rated SPL: 87 dB (1W/1m)
  • impedance: 4 Ohm

The Concorde kit contains

  • 1 x ceramic high end tweeter KE 25 SC, 8 Ohm
  • 2 x AL 130 midrange drivers, 8 Ohm
  • 2 x AL 200 bass drivers, 8 Ohm
  • 1 x bi wiring terminal BT 95/75
  • 5 x bags damping material
  • 1 x Concorde crossover, assembled
  • 28 assorted screws
  • 2 x cable for internal wiring
  • description and building instruction
Visaton Concorde frequency response

Original Visaton kit Order No. V-5943, price per pair (without cabinet)   EUR 2451,80 excl. VAT: € 2060.34 / $ 2225.16

Visaton Concorde MK III with high end crossover

The Concorde MK III is - upon request - available with a high end crossover kit.

Our kit contains:
- the drivers (KE 25 SC and two each of AL 130 and AL 200)
- bi wiring terminal BT 95/75
- 5 bags polyester foam
- the screws
- internal wiring
- crossover kit

The crossover kit contains 2 large universal PCB's and:

For the bass drivers:
- Mundorf 3.9 mH ferrite core coil, 0.22 Ohm
- Mundorf 22 mH ferrite core coil, 1.49 Ohm,
  with a 3.9 Ohm resistor in parallel
- 3.9 Ohm resistor, 20 Watt
- 82 μF MKP capacitor
- 68 μF MKP capacitor
- 330 μF ELCO, etched
For the midrange drivers:
- 0.68 mH cfc16 copper foil coil
- 2.2 mH air core coil, 1 mm
- 100 μF MKP capacitor
- 2 x 1 μF MKP capacitor
- 10 μF MKP capacitor
- 1 Ohm MOX10 resistor (brown black gold)
For the tweeter:
- 0.22 mH baked varnish air core coil / 0.7 mm
- 6.8 μF Audyn Plus capacitor
- 6.8 μF Audyn Plus capacitor
- 1.5 Ohm MOX10 resistor (brown green gold)

The crossover:

Despite the much higher quality crossover the kit remains well priced since there are no higher labour cost. Of course, we supply an assembled high end crossover upon request.

High End Concorde kit, order No. str v5943-he, price per speaker (without cabinet)   EUR 1326,00 excl. VAT: € 1114.29 / $ 1203.43

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