Visaton Concorde MK III Kit Description

Concorde MK III as in Hobby HiFi 5/2007A comprehensive report on the Concorde was published in Hobby HiFi 5/2007.

Here is an excerpt of the review:
... "The Concorde's sound is very respectable with a lot of punch and power. The tonal balance is exemplary without forgetting to push the lower frequencies. The bass' tendency is more towards a fatter sound than a dry and tight one. The blend of depth, punch and volume is just perfect. The aluminium midrange drivers are reproducing vocals realistically and with excellent imaging. There is not even a hint of metallic coloration - that's no surprise since the metal's resonance is perfectly controlled by the crossover. The resolution of details is also without any flaws. The tweeter forms an integrated whole with the midrange drivers. There is no audible gap between all drivers. The sound doesn't have any sharpness; on the contrary, it's more on the soft side almost like coming from a good textile dome tweeter. But a ceramic diaphragm shows a tremendous airiness compared with textile, providing an extremely wide sound stage. In general the imaging is extraordinary. Width and depth is exquisite. Every corner, from front to back is covered – but not like the bouncing effect from so-called room wonders. It's a real three-dimensionality with a distinctive close range as we have experienced with quite a few d'Appolito designs. The power handling? - Incredible! These tall, slim towers don't seem to know any dynamic limitations. Everything the power amplifiers are feeding into these speakers is reproduced accordingly. The Concorde MK III is capable of reproducing any kind of music material at the original volume without making a fuss. In other words: up to the dynamic limit of human hearing the Concorde MK III remains in absolute control, doesn't show any distortion or compression and just does what's expected." ...

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