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Cabinet Assembly

Torsten Torsten Bätz,
designs and builds cabinets for testing,
he is responsible for
loudspeaker logistics.

How to build the front cover for a cabinet
Peter Strassacker interviews
Torsten Bätz (9/2004)

Torsten, how do you build the protection grilles for your loudspeakers?

First I build the frame then I cover it with cloth. There are many cloth colours to choose from.

What are the important aspects when you build the frame?

Either, I cut out the frame from a wooden panel and then cut the openings for the drivers and possibly bass reflex ports using a compass saw; or I make a very light frame from 4 wooden strips. According to the size of the frame, the strips should have a cross section of roughly 20 x 20 mm. For tall speakers I add a cross member for stabilisation.

Subsequently, I paint the wooden frame black to ensure that it doesn't shine through the cloth.

Then, I cover the frame with the cloth and attach it at the rear of the frame using a stapler. The four corners should not be covered with cloth, so that clips can be attached. The counterparts are then attached to the cabinet.

Now the frame is finished.

Thanks very much Torsten.

Cloths and Frame Clips.

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